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Do security systems reduce home insurance costs?

With the cost of energy bills rising, it is no surprise that homeowners are looking in other directions for somewhere that they can cut back on their spendings to save a little extra cash. One direction that you may benefit from looking in is that of your home security.

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Reinforce the security of your garage door


When it comes to home security, there really is no such thing as being too careful – and this attitude should extend to your perimeter security too, including your garage. With the material of garage doors often being weaker than those on the front, side and back of our properties, they can be seen by thieves as the place for an easy entrance. Whilst in some cases it can be difficult to enhance the strength of your garage door itself, there are precautions you can take to prevent attempted entrance through it. Let’s take a look at our top tips for reinforcing the security of your garage…

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Our top security tips for ground floor flats [a guide]


Whilst it has been said that flats and apartments are less likely to be targeted for a burglary due to the increased number of tenants and lack of entry points, we shouldn’t disregard our levels of security – especially if you are on the ground floor. Here is a selection of top security tips for ground floor flats and apartments, helping you and your home stay protected all year round.

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Secure your home for springtime [4 helpful tips]


With spring appearing on the horizon, it’s become only natural for us to schedule for a deep clean and sort out of our properties. Whilst thoughts of clearing out your wardrobe or giving your car a clean may be predominant in your plans, it could be beneficial to you and your protection to add securing your home to that list. With that being said, here are four of our top tips for improving your home security in time for spring.

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Are wireless home security systems reliable

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Securing your property can seem a daunting task, and there can be a large amount of pressure when it comes to deciding on the best suited security method for your home. There are several options available on the market, but first you must decide between a wired, or wire-free, method. It is a common misconception amongst homeowners that wire-free security systems are unreliable, but is this true?

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Do I need a licence for my home security CCTV?

Do I need a licence for my home security CCTV?

With the new year in play, many properties may be taking on-board new resolutions or picking up those un-tackled jobs from last year, such as upping their home security. Whilst the initial thought can be simple, implementing these methods could spark a little additional questioning. When it comes to the installation of domestic security cameras, such as CCTV, one of the most asked questions we receive is whether they require a licence or not.
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5 home security changes to make in 2022


With the end of the year drawing in, the thoughts of New Year’s resolutions inevitably arise. Making improvements to our savings, fitness, or diet are the most common changes we vow to make each year, but maybe 2022 is the year for change. Resolutions on improving our home security will always go far for our happiness, confidence, and peace of mind. This year, why not vow to make 5 simple home security improvements? We have created a list of simple changes that may inspire you to secure your home in the new year.
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Keeping safe at home this Halloween [a guide]


The worry of burglary or break-ins can be present all year round, but during the spooky season, with many a masked local out and about, the worry may heighten. Whilst you have every right to be cautious, we have a guide on how to ensure you feel safe and remain protected at home this Halloween. Continue reading…