Access control systems restrict entry to buildings, providing an additional level of security. They are particularly effective for flats, communal areas and offices, ensuring that no unauthorized persons can gain entry. In addition to increasing security, these systems avoid the problem of lost keys, which are expensive to replace and may well have been deliberately misappropriated and copied, thus compromising the safety of the building and its occupants.

DNA Security has the expertise and experience to install a contemporary and cost effective access control system, which will protect you, your building and your assets. There is a wide range of systems, from basic single door systems to computer controlled multi door systems, operating from card swipe, proximity or coded access. From basic single audio door entry systems, to multi video door systems with black and white or colour feeds, DNA Security offers the total solution.

Advanced computerised systems allow full auditing of staff movements around the property and will, via its dedicated computer, allow the production of printed hard copies of movement.

Access control, integrated into a CCTV system, can switch or reposition a camera to monitor a door once the access system has been activated.

DNA Security uses various manufacturers for Access Control and Door Entry Systems, including Paxton’s Net 2 System, Honeywell and Corresponding PAC Systems.

If you would like any advice about Door Access Systems please do not hesitate to call DNA Security on 01424 718844.