Keeping safe at home is something which is at the forefront of our minds all year round, but for many, the worries only heighten at this time of year. With Halloween fast approaching, costumes and masks will become the norm as children visit neighbours for their annual Trick or Treating and teens and adults attend their spooktacular Halloween events. Due to this, we thought there would be no better time than now to reinforce the staples behind home security and put an end to the mistakes which are so often carried out.

Installing static external lighting

Whilst we can’t say that any form of lighting outside of your home is a bad move, there are approaches that you could take which could keep your home safer. Correct, static lighting can keep your home in sight all night, allowing any neighbours to notice if something out-of-the-ordinary was happening, but what it could also do is attract eyes, and these could be the eyes of a burglar with a motive. With everything in view at all times, they could assess your property from the outside, and possibly see something of interest.

Sensor lighting is an alternative which can provide you with additional safety. These lights will only turn on when movement is detected, and whilst this most possibly will be from a fox or a neighbour’s cat, it can alert you of a presence outside of your home – ideal just in case the worst happens! Without movement, your home will remain in darkness externally, keeping eyes off of your property!

Posting your holidays on social media

Holidays are something which excite us all, and it isn’t uncommon to see the occasional sun-snap of your friend relaxing by the pool or exploring the sights of their temporary town. Whilst these pictures can have their way of making us feel envious, they can be a gold mine for burglars. In their eyes, the posts are advertisements that homes are left unattended, allowing them easier entry and a smoother getaway.

When you take to your next holiday, whether it be a staycation or overseas getaway, refrain from posting about it on social media until you return – if you have to! This includes anticipated countdowns and in-the-moment photographs of the local beach. What they don’t know, won’t harm you.

Not activating your alarm when leaving the house

Alarm systems are extremely reliable, but often when just popping to the local shop for a few moments, you may rely too heavily on ‘luck’ instead. Thieves are opportunistic and will happily take any chance they can get to complete any ulterior motives they have planned, and a few minutes is all they need!

When you next leave your home unattended, ensure that you set your alarm system, granting you the greatest chance of coming back to a home that is in one piece. No time is too short to utilise your security systems! With the market ever-improving, you could seek a smart system which allows you to set your alarm whist away from home, ideal for those times you may simply forget!

Relying on your locked door for maximum protection

When we leave our homes, many of us only take the route of double locking our front doors behind us. Yes, locking doors is a necessity to keeping your home protected, but realistically this is just a base layer of protection. There are still multiple routes which could be taken by a keen burglar, including open windows and your garage or out-buildings.

Investing in greater means of security such as intruder alarms or CCTV cameras will provide your home with additional safety, and leave you with increased confidence, whether you be at home or away. At DNA Security, keeping you safe at home is our speciality. If you have any worries and would like to speak to a member of our team to find out what we could do for you, or for any enquiries into any of our services, get in touch. Call us on 01424 718 844.