Many businesses use buzzer front door entry systems to regulate access to their premises. This type of entry system provides an important added layer of security to a business premises and allows businesses direct control of who enters their office, warehouse or other place of business.

What is a buzzer front door entry system?

So, what is a Buzzer Front Door Entry System and why is one important?

A buzzer control entry system is composed of a microphone and keypad unit located at the entrance of a business premises which is connected to a telephone receiver located inside the building. This may be on the desk of an employee, or mounted conveniently on a wall.

The system is activated when a visitor presses the call button on the keypad enabling a two way conversation to take place between the visitor and a representative of the business.

If the visitor is permitted entry, the door is unlocked remotely by pressing a button on the representative’s telephone handset. The visitor hears an audible ‘buzzer’ noise indicating that the door is unlocked and that they can enter the building.

Benefits of a buzzer front door entry system

Buzzer front door entry system can benefit a business in a number of ways:
Helps with visitor identification and verification – makes it easy to find out the name, company and the purpose of the visit before allowing access;
Entry doors are opened remotely – this can save a lot of staff time, especially when the distance between the business premises and the front door is considerable, as you might find in larger office blocks or large warehouses, for example;
Access can be denied to unauthorised visitors – visitors with malicious or criminal intent can be identified before entering the premises and denied entry;

Buzzer front door entry systems are available in both audio only and audio visual options, allowing visitors to be seen as well as heard.

Do I need one for my business?

Unwelcome visitors may be harmless, or could be intent on committing theft, harming employees or participating in other unwelcome or illegal activities such as vandalism. The problem is that you may not know the purpose of their visit until someone speaks to them.

This makes a buzzer front door entry system, an excellent choice for businesses who want more control of visitors. As a responsible business owner you are aware of your requirements to meet the health, safety and security needs of your place of business, the people who work there and the equipment and stock held on site. Therefore, a buzzer front door entry system is an integral part of any businesses security infrastructure and is an efficient and effective way of screening visitors and of deterring unwanted Intruders.

Properly installed and well maintained buzzer controlled front door entry systems put you in control of who gains access to your place of business and solves the problem faced by so many businesses – how to protect your business and the people who work there from unwelcome visitors.