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There are a staggering 1.85 million CCTV cameras in the UK, https://doughertys-ravens.com/kamagra-100-mg.htm one for every 32 people. This prevalence of CCTV means that the average Briton is caught on CCTV 70 times a day. For advocates, arguments are made that this level of surveillance bolsters our safety and helps police in tackling crimes post-event. However, while the improved security of investing in CCTV at home or on a business premises is well known, there are often overlooked advantages that CCTV provides which are every bit as valuable as the capturing of video.

1. CCTV is a determent in itself

Simply installing CCTV can deter a would-be criminal (after all, when presented with two properties, where one has CCTV and the other does not, which will seem the likeliest to be chosen?). In fact, one study found that 60% of burglars actively consider whether there is video capturing equipment on-site when choosing their target.

2. CCTV can be layered with numerous other forms of security for the most robust of property protection

Any security system should consist of multiple elements in order to be as effective as possible – this could include IP CCTV, security lighting and access control. The most advanced example of these working in tandem would be where motion is detected by the camera, the floodlighting is activated and doors are locked (all of which can be teamed with the following tip for maximum effect).

3. CCTV can be a powerful pairing with a verbal warning system

Research has shown that just 7% of trespassers will respond to a written command to leave a property, while 92% will respond to a verbal one. Given these stats, teaming CCTV with a sensor and oral warning system can literally stop a potential trespasser or burglar in their tracks. Such systems offer many options for the verbal warning, which can be tailored according to the exact location on the premises. An example warning could be “you are being tracked by CCTV, do not proceed further. The police have been alerted”.

4. Advanced CCTV systems can alert you to events happening in real time

CCTV is not merely for recording and referring back to later after an event when it’s all too late – CCTV systems can allow for you to remotely monitor a premises 24/7, with automatic alerts sent by text or email set to warn you when motion is detected.

CCTV is but a single powerful piece in the security puzzle – if you’re searching for a solution that layers your security, we can create a tailored package that considers your challenges and your would-be burglar’s current opportunities.
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