There is nothing better than the sense of safety and security provided by a reliable alarm system.

However, the benefits of installing a high quality alarm system are not only that they make you feel safe and secure, it can act as a powerful deterrent for burglars, too.

Choosing of the burglar alarm system that is right for you is not straightforward. There are a number of important considerations that you should take into account before you make a decision about which burglar alarm you’re going to buy.

The choice you make will be determined by a variety of factors. While the cost of a burglar alarm might be an very important element in your decision,  it should not be the most important one.

There are four factors you must consider, addition to any costs involved. These are:

1. Do you want a bell style alarm?

These are burglar alarms which, when triggered, ring a bell or, in more modern systems set of an electronic siren. The concept is a simple one. When the alarm sounds the community rushes to your aid and apprehends the criminal in the act. They are quick and easy to install and have few running costs. As long as they are maintained regularly they will last for many years. The problem arises when you don’t have anyone who is prepared to take action when the alarm is triggered. In that case you may feel more secure with a monitored alarm.

2. Would a monitored alarm suit your needs?

There are three options you should consider:

Key holder only – This service is monitored by a company which will either respond itself or contact your nominated key holder so that someone can return to the property and ensure it is secure. This is a good option for many people and you can choose to pay for key holder services either monthly or annually;

Key holder and police – Alarm monitoring services offer the option of alerting the police in addition to the nominated key holder. This feature is only available to alarm companies registered with your local police force;

Speech dialler – a speech dialler is a simple and easy to use system that has many of the benefits of police of key holder systems without any of the costs involved. With a speech dialler system any break in not only triggers an audible alarm it will also call or text telephone number of your choice such as your own mobile phone or a phone belonging to a family member, or friend. This means that the property is continuously monitored and you are certain that you will be alerted wherever the alarm is triggered;

3. Choose between a wireless or wired burglar alarm

Both wireless and wired burglar alarm systems are currently available. While wired burglar alarm systems are slightly cheaper to run, wireless systems tend to be more reliable, have fewer cables and are less unsightly. Wireless systems also allow a great deal more flexibility when it comes to locating sensors within the property. In addition, to looking better because they don’t have trailing cables, they don’t require holes for cabling to be drilled in to masonry and wireless systems can be easily removed if you plan to move to another location;

4. What about Maintenance?

An alarm system that is maintained by professional alarm engineers, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, will give many years of trouble free operation. Purchasing an alarm repairs contract will give you confidence and peace of mind that your alarm is operating as it should and that it’s unlikely to break down. The presence of a robust maintenance schedule may well be taken into consideration should you with to arrange for your monitoring company to alert the police when your alarm is triggered;