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If you want to safeguard your business premises or even your home, then installing a door entry system is one thing you really need to consider. With a door entry system you can control whomever can enter your building, and intruders find door entry systems virtually impossible to bypass.

There are two ways that you can gain entry via a door entry system – via a key code, or a fob or token. Most door systems use only one of these systems, and there’s a bit of a debate as to which is the most secure.

A fob is a small device that those who need access via the security system carry around with them. To gain entry, all they need to do is hold the fob close to a sensor. The sensor recognises the presence of the fob, and unlocks the door.

Door entry systems that require a key code have a numeric or alphanumeric pad attached. Entrants to the building need to punch in the correct code for the door entry system to unlock itself.

If you are thinking about ease of access, then you’d have to concede that the fob is the winner here. To give someone access, you just have to give them a fob. To deny them access, you just take the fob away again.
With a code you tell people the ‘magic number’ – however, if you want to deny access to someone who knows the code, then you have to go through the rigmarole of changing the code then informing everyone else of the new security number.

Security is also much stronger when you have a fob-based system. Sophisticated door entry systems can grant access to individual fobs only. If someone loses a fob, or you think that someone has a fob which they’re not supposed to have, then you can program your door entry system to deny access to that particular fob. Access codes are easy to compromise, and again if you feel an access code has fallen into the wrong hands, you have to change the code and make sure everyone who requires access to the building has (and can remember) the new code.

Fobs can also be useful if you want to know where your employees are if an emergency – like a fire – arises. Your door entry system can keep track of how many people are in the building at any one time, so you can perform an accurate head count once everyone has evacuated.

Finally, for extra security key codes are the winner. If you have an extremely confidential area in your building that only a few people need to have access to, then only those people can be made aware of the code. Fobs can be stolen and used without alerting anyone that a security breach is in progress.
Both systems have their merits and disadvantages, and the best choice for your company really depends upon your particular requirements, particularly http://blog.littleredtarot.com/xanax-without-prescription/ when it comes to keeping your building secure.

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