Do I need a licence for my home security CCTV?

With the new year in play, many properties may be taking on-board new resolutions or picking up those un-tackled jobs from last year, such as upping their home security. Whilst the initial thought can be simple, implementing these methods could spark a little additional questioning. When it comes to the installation of domestic security cameras, such as CCTV, one of the most asked questions we receive is whether they require a licence or not.

Do domestic CCTV cameras require a licence?

The good news about external home CCTV cameras is that no such licence exists, and therefore is not required. With no need to apply for any authorisation or permit agreement, you are entitled to heighten your home security with the installation of your closed-circuit camera. However, whilst no warrant is required, there are still some factors that should be taken into consideration.

Rules of respect

Whilst you are entitled to protect your own property, the Government state that those installing CCTV systems should operate them in a responsible way that respects the privacy of others.

This means that, when installing, you should ensure that your system is angled in a way that solely provides an image of your premises. Overlooking your neighbour’s property will be considered a breach of privacy. To comply to this rule of respect, you should also ensure that your system is positioned in a way that doesn’t look beyond your doorstep or driveway and across the street.

The installation of rear-facing surveillance systems must also be considered carefully. You will want to position the camera so that it can see no higher than your fence or wall. It would be considered a breach of privacy to record in a way that allowed a window or garden of a neighbouring property to be in view.

How can I be confident in the correct installation of my domestic CCTV system?

To ensure you don’t infringe on the privacy of neighbouring properties, you may wish to ask for professional assistance. With experience in advising, providing, and installing a range of CCTV cameras in a way that doesn’t infringe on the law, you can trust in your domestic camera without any repercussions. Not only can a professional ensure that your camera system is positioned correctly, but they can also provide you with a long-lasting, highly reliable home security system that has been installed and connected correctly.

At DNA Security, our team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you require our professional assistance for the advice and installation of a CCTV method suitable for your home, or the servicing of an already installed system, we are here to help. Getting in touch with us is equally as simple as it is to protect your property. Give us a call on 01424 718844 today.