Professionally installed CCTV, Sussex

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a popular choice for monitoring homes and businesses and is an excellent component of security arsenal.  Advances in technology have made this an affordable option but care must be taken with its installation.  You may want to protect your home, but not by compromising the privacy of your neighbours’ property or contravening Data Protection legislation.

CCTV is often installed in the following buildings and premises:

Residential Properties

You may live in a rural location and feel vulnerable about being targeted by opportunistic criminals.  These properties are more exposed and burglars know their remoteness buys time to break into out buildings.  Often they will be targeting valuable tack such as saddles or farm tools and equipment. They may even be targeting live stock and stealing horses from stable blocks. CCTV allows you to monitor your property and contact the police, when necessary.

Many homeowners have valuable, irreplaceable contents such as jewelry, artwork and electronic equipment and wish to have an added layer of security offered by CCTV.

You may spend time away on business trips or be fortunate to take frequent holidays, but still want the use of technology to keep an eye on your property.


Commercial Buildings

Criminals specifically target buildings such as offices and warehouses’, knowing it is difficult to patrol vast areas.  Warehouses can be vulnerable to break in’s, especially when they are used to store high value, easy disposable goods.


Retail Business

CCTV acts as a deterrent to both criminals and a minority of staff.


Public Buildings

Many public buildings require well- sited CCTV to deter criminals and prevent violent situations from escalating quickly.


Monitoring Staff

There are occasions when you need to monitor your employees.  This use of CCTV can protect the integrity of your staff, increase productivity and improve health and safety procedures.


Do you feel CCTV would be of benefit to you?

DNA Security are very experienced in the of CCTV installation and understand the complexities of planning regulations.  The use of CCTV in commercial settings is regulated by law and enshrined in the Data Protection Act of 1998.  Qualified engineers can advise you about the diverse choice of:

  • Analogue or digital cameras
  • Weatherproof cameras
  • Infra-red cameras
  • Monitors
  • Cables
  • Switches
  • Multiplexes

Your property may best suit static cameras, whilst another property might need an electronically manipulated camera, which produces a better quality image. DNA Security can also make recommendations about installation and best practice guidelines. Other considerations need to take into account planning permission, if you live in a listed building or an area of conservation.  Systems that have recording facilities may require a Public Surveillance License.

CCTV has many uses and applications and when installed professionally can fulfill a variety of roles in both the commercial and residential sector. Affordable. Effective. Preventative.


If you would like to speak with us regarding any security systems for your home or business, please do not hesitate to give DNA Security a call on [eeb_content]01424 718844[/eeb_content]