Whilst it has been said that flats and apartments are less likely to be targeted for a burglary due to the increased number of tenants and lack of entry points, we shouldn’t disregard our levels of security – especially if you are on the ground floor. Here is a selection of top security tips for ground floor flats and apartments, helping you and your home stay protected all year round.

Assess your external perimeters

Securing your flat starts from the outside, and there are multiple aspects that you should assess here. These include:

  • Plants and shrubbery

Ensure that these are always trimmed and never left overgrown. Excess greenery creates additional locations for thieves to hide and loiter.

  • CCTV

If your flat is a stranger to security camera systems, it is worth getting in touch with a professional to understand the rules, and your options. If you already have external CCTV, you should ensure that it is serviced and working.

  • Sensor security lighting

If the external premises of your flat are dark and overshadowed, the installation of sensor lighting could provide you with confidence and security.

  • Outbuildings

Many blocks of flats are home to bike racks, sheds, and garages. Whilst these are highly convenient for tenants, they can also be the same for thieves. Ensure they are locked securely at all times, and place lighting or cameras around them to ensure they can be seen.

Secure your entrance points

We may sound like parrots by now, but there is great value behind securing the entrance points to you home – especially as a ground floor flat or apartment.

  • Communal doors

Let’s start with communal doors. Whenever entering your building, ensure you lock these behind you, preventing any unwanted visitors from following you in. You should also never buzz anyone into the building that is unknown to you, no matter who they say they are.

  • Front door

Moving onto your own front door, depending on the layout of your building, you may wish to install a peep hole. This would allow you to see directly outside or into your entrance hall, preventing you from opening the door to someone who is unfamiliar to you. Whilst your door is closed, you should keep it locked with strong security locks such as deadbolts.

  • Side and rear doors

If you are on the ground floor, it is likely you will have a side or rear door also. These will require the same level of care as your front door. Sliding patio doors can often be weaker, and so you may wish to install additional locks to reinforce the level of your security.

  • Windows

Of course, we will always suggest keeping your windows closed and locked. On ground floor flats and apartments, it could also be beneficial to close and lock windows when you leave a room, as well as leaving the flat. Burglars will always look for an easy opportunity and will take their chance with an open ground floor window whether you are home or not.

Be one step ahead

Thieves operate in a highly thought out and well-planned motion, but it is surprisingly simple to remain one step ahead of them. Whilst ground floor flats and apartments could be seen as an easy target, the visible installation of high-quality security systems can deter them in the blink of an eye. Their whole operation must be completed whilst remaining undercover, so the sight of sensor lighting, CCTV cameras, and intruder alarm systems could be too much of a risk, resulting in them leaving your premises with little chance of a return.

Here at DNA Security, our team of specialists are on hand to provide you with confidence in your home. We can provide, install and service a range of security systems that are fit for any home and lifestyle. For any queries, get in touch by calling 01424 718 844 and we will be happy to advise and assist.