Are you planning on taking a holiday this year? Thinking about how to ensure your home remains safe while you’re away? Whether your house is left unoccupied for just a few days or several weeks, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect it while you are gone. From installing an alarm system to informing trusted neighbours of your whereabouts, there are many ways to keep your property secure during your travels. Let’s explore some easy-to-implement tips and tricks that will help guarantee peace of mind wherever the journey takes you. Ready?

Invest in a home security system

If you are looking for a way to keep your home safe while away on holiday, consider investing in a home security system. An effective system can include cameras, sensors, and alarms that work together to provide reliable protection for your home. Cameras installed around the exterior of your house can alert you if someone is approaching or loitering on your property, while motion-activated sensors may be used inside the home to detect any suspicious activity. Alarms can alert authorities if they are triggered, providing an extra layer of protection and peace of mind if someone tries to access your home without permission. Investing in a well-rounded security system is an important step towards protecting both yourself and your home.

Lock all windows and doors when you leave the house

Holidays are great – and home security shouldn’t be a concern while they’re away, yet it’s still important to remember basics such as locking all windows and doors when leaving the house. Failure to do so can easily invite danger while you’re off enjoying your time away. Keeping home intrusions in mind is essential to home security, especially if one lives in an area with a higher rate of home break-ins or burglaries. Taking a few moments to double-check that all windows and doors are locked can make all the difference in peace of mind for homeowners. These simple steps can make your home a less appealing target for intruders. So, before you hop in the car, make sure your home is secure!

Don’t advertise you’re away on holiday

Before leaving your home for an extended period, especially for a holiday, it is important to remember not to advertise the fact that you will be away. To prevent theft and other unwelcome intrusions, try not to mention going away on social media; instead, wait until after your return when you can post all the photos and stories of what made your trip so memorable. When leaving the residence, don’t draw all the curtains and leave some lights and radios on timer switches inside the house. This will send out some signals to passersby that the property is still in use. It’s also important to make sure family or neighbours have keys for access to the property in case of emergency. Following these simple strategies will make all the difference in keeping your house safe while you’re away for a holiday.

Install motion-activated floodlights

If you’re planning an extended holiday away from home, it’ll be worthwhile to install motion-activated floodlights around your property as an additional layer of home security. Floodlights can make intruders think twice about entering any premises, as the illumination will make it much harder to break in undetected. Motion-activated floodlights only operate when triggered by movement so are not overly obtrusive while in standby mode, and they also provide a clear and well-illuminated path for welcomed guests in the dark hours of the night. Installing motion-activated floodlights is an effective way to improve home security and will provide much-needed reassurance to homeowners whilst they are away from home.

Ask a trusted neighbour or family member to check in

Once of the best ways to ensure that your property remains safe and secure while you are away is to enlist the help of someone you trust. Ask a neighbour, family member, or friend to drop by every few days and check for signs of unusual activity like broken windows or damaged locks. If family or friends live close by and are feeling generous, they can come and take care of any gardening or maintenance tasks that need doing while you’re gone. Taking these proactive steps will help to ensure that your home is as safe and secure as it was when you left, giving you the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Secure the garden and garage

Don’t forget to secure the garden and garage when you leave home – fixing simple issues by patching up broken fences or replacing damaged locks can go a long way in keeping your home safe. Consider investing in motion-detection lights and alarms for added protection. It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it will pay off if your home is ever targeted while you are away. Keep your home safe by taking care to secure the garden and garage before departure. These areas of the home are often overlooked and could make your property a more attractive target than others in the vicinity.

Make sure you have home insurance before you go away

Having adequate home insurance coverage will mean that you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong at home in your absence. Investing in quality home insurance is one of the best ways to ensure that your property will be protected from any potential losses or liabilities while you are away on vacation. Having adequate coverage allows homeowners to enjoy their holiday, safe in the knowledge that there is some protection in place. Investing in quality home insurance is one of the best ways to ensure that you have peace of mind when travelling.

Holiday home security – The key points

In conclusion, no matter how long or short your trip is, the security of your home should be a top priority before you hit the road. If you need any more tips or advice about keeping your property safe when away for an extended period, contact the experts at DNA Security!