With the end of the year drawing in, the thoughts of New Year’s resolutions inevitably arise. Making improvements to our savings, fitness, or diet are the most common changes we vow to make each year, but maybe 2022 is the year for change. Resolutions on improving our home security will always go far for our happiness, confidence, and peace of mind. This year, why not vow to make 5 simple home security improvements? We have created a list of simple changes that may inspire you to secure your home in the new year.

Get to know your neighbours

If you have recently moved in, or never got to know any of your neighbours, 2022 should be the time to. Building an established connection between you and those surrounding your property will form mutual trust that you will find beneficial in a number of ways. These neighbours will find themselves feeling obliged to keep an eye on your property if they know you are awayor seek help if they feel as though you are in danger. This connection works both ways, so your neighbours could feel confident knowing they have your day-to-day support also.

Keep windows and doors locked

Keeping your windows and doors locked will go far in keeping your home secure, but we don’t just mean when you’re out of the house. Upon closing your entry points, even if you remain in the same room, it will become good practice to lock up straight away. Over time, this will become a habit, so you can have confidence in the fact that all entry points are locked if you are out of the room, as well as out of the house. Make sure you remove the keys from the locks too and store them in a safe, discreet place.

Install a peephole

Although low-tech, installing a peephole into your front door will enable you to reinforce the security of your home. When your doorbell rings, or your outdoor motion sensor lighting activates, a peephole will allow you take a scan of the front of your house without having to open the door, making your presence visible and enabling the wrong person to enter your home. Keep you and your home safe with a priority glance.

Install and assess your intruder alarm system

If your home remains free from an intruder alarm system, it may be time to consider installing one. These alarms can be personalised to suit your house and lifestyle, including pet-friendly systems, and those which have the ability to be set in separate rooms or floors of your property, allowing you to move freely in designated areas. If your shed, garage, or outbuilding stores items of value, it is worth installing an alarm sensor there too. If you currently have an intruder alarm system fitted, remember to arrange for annual servicing. This will allow a professional to assess and test that your system is working to protect you to its full ability.

Consider a home security camera

With technology ever evolving, there are endless options of home security cameras on the market. From Ring doorbells to fixed CCTV, they each share their benefits. Whilst some cameras can be used as a deterrent, others are able to record, store, and replay footage picked up from around your property when needed, allowing you to gain an insight into the description of anyone carrying out suspicious or illegal behaviour.

Here at DNA Security, we are experts in providing homes with security that brings comfort and total peace of mind. To install or upgrade your home security systems, or for advice on how to feel safer at home this new year, get in touch. Give us a call on 01424 718 844.

From all of us here, we wish you a happy, safe and secure New Year!