Woman home alone

Moving out and into your own home is an aspiration which we have all dreamt of at one stage in our lifetime, but once the initial excitement wears off, it is common for worries and nerves in relation to your safety to arise. Without the feeling of security, living alone can soon turn into a negative situation. We have summarised a handful of options that you could implement, covering all ends of the budget scale, to ensure that you continue to feel secure within your own home.

The front door: The first option to create a safety barrier between you and the outside world starts with your front door. When viewing the house before moving in, check it out. Make sure that it is made of a solid, durable wood or metal. Once moved in, you can install robust locks, such as deadlocks, to improve the strength of the door, allowing you to feel safe as soon as you close and lock it behind you.

DIY security check: When arriving home, you may feel on edge or nervous about being alone. Enter your home as normal but leave your front door on the latch. You can then take a walk around the property, checking behind curtains and under beds or any place else that allows you to feel unsettled. With the door on the latch, you will feel secure in the fact that you could make a swift exit if you needed to. Once you have observed your home, you can close and lock your front door, feeling content that you are safe and alone.

Befriend your neighbours: As humans, we always feel more heavily inclined to assist those friendly faces over strangers. Having someone that can look out for you or provide assistance in times of need can offer you peace of mind, a vital aspect to have when living alone.

Keys: It is important to store your keys out of sight and reach from any entrance points to your property, such as doors and windows. It is common for thieves to have a range of tools that they can manoeuvre through these areas and gain access to the keys of your home or car. Storing them away in a cupboard, eliminates this risk and creates a secure area for them to stay and remain untouched.

An exit plan: It is important to make a mental note of your emergency exit plan in case of a fire, break in or other dangerous situation. Observe your property and its outdoor surroundings to locate the fastest and safest exits from your property, as well as any fire exits. You should also have a back-up plan also in case your original route becomes blocked or unusable. The ability to think fast and make vital decisions in times of need will allow you to relax at all other times, knowing that you have a strategic exit plan should the worst happen.

Fit a modern-day peephole: Simple, yet effective a peephole will give you a sense of security when living alone. It provides you with the ability to take a look at who is knocking on your door without having to open it and make yourself vulnerable. If you are unsure of the identity of the visitor, you are able to keep the door closed and locked if you wish, allowing you to safely watch them walk away from your home. The range of doorbells on the market also offer this safety support, allowing you to receive a notification on your phone which gives you the option to see live footage of your visitor.

Invest in an alarm system: For both burglaries and fires, alarm systems can create the difference between a saved life and home and an endangered one. The alarm sound will deter thieves as well as alert your neighbours, who you may have already befriended, who can alert the police or come and offer vital assistance. The alarm sounding will also work in the same way should smoke be detected, and your neighbours will be alerted whether you are home or not. With a range of alarm systems available today, you can choose one which works best for you, such as a simple pin key entry, or one which has the ability to alert suitable authorities should you be away from the property.

If you are living alone and are interested in additional security levels for your home, get in touch with our helpful team at DNA Security who can assess your property, offer honest advice on the best product for your safety and install it for you. Give us a call on 01424 718844 where we can get the process started and help you to feel safe in your own home.