Whilst many homes are designed and constructed with minimal privacy, there are still steps that you can take to introduce it to your property, in turn increasing your security and allowing you to feel safe and secure in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are looking for ways to deter prying eyes from peeping through your windows or would simply appreciate privacy whilst you relax in the garden, we have the solutions you could be seeking.

Motion sensor lighting

Motion sensor lighting can be a highly effective way to increase both the security and privacy of your home. If movement is detected, your lighting will turn on, indicating that someone or something could be lurking outside of your property. This will potentially deter anyone with ulterior motives. Meanwhile, if the outside of your home is still your lighting will remain off, allowing you to reside in a property that holds its privacy and isn’t on show to the entire street all night.

Creative fencing and landscaping

Privacy begins at the perimeter of your property. By being creative with your landscaping and shrubbery or by putting up decorative fencing around your garden and driveway, you can keep unwelcome eyes out whilst still retaining, or even heightening, your kerb appeal. A selection of the most popular, yet eye-pleasing plants used for privacy include butterfly bush, hydrangeas, and cypress trees.

Driveway gate

It may not be discreet, but the addition of a driveway gate can provide your home with extended privacy. By preventing prying eyes as well as entry onto your land, you can also relax with peace of mind in the knowledge that your home is in possession of greater security. With a range of variations and designs available, you may also find that this privacy solution could boost your kerb appeal and increase the overall value of your home.

Window coverings

A simple and slightly more cost-effective way of increasing the privacy of your home is to introduce window coverings to your property. There are a range of variations available on the market, each with their own list of benefits, and the varied styles can complement any interior design. From roller blinds and shutters to full length blackout curtains, the list is endless. Who said privacy can’t be stylish?

Security cameras

Of course, security cameras will always support the privacy and security of any property. Acting as a visual deterrent to any wandering neighbours or potential thieves, you can almost guarantee that those prying eyes and intrigued individuals will steer away from your home. Quality security cameras also provide you with the ability to capture what is happening outside your front door both day and night, whether you are at home or away.

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