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You probably think of your intruder alarm as something that ‘just does its job’. If you’re lucky, then you probably won’t even ever use it to spook an intruder – just having a visible intruder alarm is usually enough to deter would-be miscreants.


Unfortunately, if all you hear of your intruder alarm system is the odd false alarm, then you are all too likely to forget about it. Proper maintenance is important when it comes to maintaining the effectiveness of your alarm, and here are a few very valid reasons why …


Maintain that ‘safe’ feeling

As anyone whom has experienced one will tell you, there is very little that feels worse than a break in. It’s not just the initial shock and sense of loss, it’s the feeling of vulnerability that can last for weeks, and even months after your home or premises has been violated. Save yourself from the potential of this happening to you by making sure your intruder alarm functions as it should.


Your insurance could be invalid

Let’s face it, it seems that some insurance companies will go to great lengths to find out ways in which they can save themselves from having to pay out any money when it comes to a claim. When you took out your insurance, you probably agreed to pay a lower premium as you have an intruder alarm installed. The risk in this situation is that if your intruder alarm can be proven to be inadequate by the insurance company, it will give them a valid reason not to pay your claim.


You are wasting money!

Intruder alarms systems are not cheap. You probably spent well over a couple of hundred pounds in buying your system – the control box, the contact sensors, the passives – and getting it properly installed. What’s the good of spending all that cash only to not have a working system? If you do not maintain your system, then your intruder alarm will become largely ineffective. You may have well just poured the money you spent on your system and its installation down the drain!


Don’t get to beat yourself up!

Let’s face it – how dumb are you going to feel if you install an intruder alarm and allow it to fall into an unworkable, unmaintained state, then suffer a break in? You paid for an alarm, and then – via your own fault – you allowed it to become as an effective a deterrent to potential intruders as having a front door made out of balsa wood. Don’t give yourself the chance to feel the guilt!

Having your intruder alarm maintained is not an expensive option, and it’s certainly not as expensive as recovering from a break-in. It’s easy to check your system yourself, or you can enlist the services of a dedicated intruder alarm systems specialist – such as DNA Security – to perform regular maintenance for you.

Never forget, an effectively maintained intruder alarm system is the very best way of protecting what is most precious to you and those close to you.


If you’re unsure about how to thoroughly test and maintain your alarm, then contact an alarms specialist company such as DNA Security to help on [eeb_content]01424 718844[/eeb_content]. Whichever method you choose, make sure your alarm system is in tip-top working condition and will keep you safe throughout 2016.