How to keep your home safe over the holidays

You always want your home to be safe and secure, but it is particularly vulnerable during the Christmas season and especially if you are going away on holiday. To avoid break-ins and theft, and to have complete peace of mind while you are away, follow our tips and tricks to make sure you come back to an untouched home.

  • Social media: Don’t shout about your plans to be in a warm exotic spot over Christmas on social media. It’s fairly easy to monitor social media traffic so best to keep it off the grid until you are back
  • Locks: Make sure your locks are working well and that all doors and windows are locked, even the ones you think are unreachable on the top floor. Burglars have a knack for finding the easy way in and are not averse to climbing if they have to
  • Security system: if you have a security system installed make sure that it is activated and working well before you leave. If you have been thinking about installing one but haven’t got around to it yet, now is the time to do it
  • Lights: Get some timers for your lights so that they will come on and off during the evening as if you were at home. You could even have one for the radio making the house look even more lived in. Keep your outside lights in good condition and have them turn on and off with a timer as well. Keeping the entrance and outdoor areas of your home well lit will be a further deterrent for burglars
  • Post: Don’t let it pile up, as that’s an easy give-away that you’re not around. You could ask a neighbour to collect it for you, or you could arrange with Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service. They will hold on to your mail until your return for up to a couple of months. If you’re expecting any deliveries make arrangements for a friend or neighbour to take them, or arrange for them to be delivered before you leave or after you return. Don’t leave a note on the door as that just lets the burglars know you’re not in as well as the couriers
  • Curtains and shutters: ask a neighbour to open and close the curtains or shutters for you so that it looks like there’s someone around
  • Hide the presents: Also hide all the wrapping and packaging too. You don’t want to advertise that there is even more than usual stashed away at home for burglars to find
  • Tools and ladders: keep them stored away securely. Don’t leave anything lying around outside that could be used to break in or get access to your home
  • Hedges and fencing: Keep hedges and trees trimmed so that they do not become a hiding place for burglars waiting for their chance to pounce. Make sure your fences are in good condition and there are no gaps or weaknesses that burglars could exploit

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