The worry of burglary or break-ins can be present all year round, but during the spooky season, with many a masked local out and about, the worry may heighten. Whilst you have every right to be cautious, we have a guide on how to ensure you feel safe and remain protected at home this Halloween.

Indoor lighting

Firstly, you will want to make your house seem occupied, whether you are home or not. We don’t mean pulling off a Kevin McCallister move and filling your property with puppets and moving mannequins. The simple act of having lights on indoors can be enough. With technology ever-improving, home security timers on the market can allow you to programme your lamps to turn on and off at a certain time in the day, allowing it to seem as though someone is home.

External lighting

Motion sensor lighting is a highly effective deterrent for thieves. Having lights which activate when motion is detected won’t just alert you of a presence on your premises after the evening spell of trick-or-treating, but it can also help to prevent devious behaviour from commencing. Placing these lights outside any entrance points to your home, including the outside of a garage or down the side path, will allow you to remain aware of any movement around your home.

Eliminate hiding places

The perimeters of your home could be host to a range of hiding places, such as within bushes, behind bins or down beside a car. Simple actions such as trimming back your greenery, moving your bins into a corner, or parking up against the wall of your property could restrict entrance to these places, leaving no room to find a quick place to hide when thieves feel the need for one. These simple actions can be highly effective deterrents to those committing a crime on Halloween night, as well as all year round.

Lock all entry points

Whether you’re home or out revelling in the Halloween festivities, locking all the entry points to your property can allow your home to remain safe and untouched. With no simple option to enter your property without drawing attention to themselves, thieves could be put off their attempt to target you. From front, back and side doors, through to lower floor and upstairs windows, use a key to lock these and then store it in a safe place away from your letter box.

Install home security methods

As much as the phrase is used, unfortunately we don’t have eyes in the back of our heads. However, with the help of technology, it can feel as though we do. Installing CCTV cameras to your property can allow you to record visible evidence of anyone trying to enter or steal from your premises. To go one step further, the installation of intruder alarms will alert both you and your neighbours if a break-in was ever attempted or successful, hopefully deterring the intruder before any further harm was caused.

You deserve to feel safe within your home. Here at DNA Security, we specialise in fitting, servicing, and upgrading your home security systems, from intruder alarms to fire alarms. For advice or assistance with your home’s security get in touch with our team. Give us a call on 01424 718 844.