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Crime has become an unpleasant fact of life and criminals target both residential and commercial properties.  Most burglars are opportunistic and will look for buildings and homes, which present a good return on investment.  Somewhere which offers the least resistance and a low risk of being caught red handed, whilst pocketing your valuables.

Criminals, who have done their homework, frequently target commercial properties and offices. They target them because experience has shown that security is often lax or non-existent.  Sometimes, they may have inside knowledge of high value, easily disposable goods which are stored in your warehouse, particularly overnight.  These thefts can involve audacious scams, such as theft by deception, where the criminal appears with a clipboard and signs for delivery, before making off with your goods.

Criminals also know that businesses have very valuable electronic equipment in their offices.  Laptops, Ipads and flat screens, which all have a price on EBay.


So how can you protect your office and workplace?

The most cost effective and efficient way is to invest in a good quality intruder alarm.  Although they are only one element of security, they form a powerful line of defense and act as a deterrent to most opportunistic criminals.

State of the art technology has made these intruder alarms very easy to use and very effective, as a means of protecting your commercial premises.


Not sure which alarm to purchase?

Any Google search will bring up a bewildering array of intruder alarms. This includes systems, which can either be conventional or wire free, depending on your needs. They also allow for part or zonal settings, which allows for specific areas of your premises to be protected, whilst employees can move freely around in other areas. Alarms can be monitored or unmonitored and incorporate motion detection, which triggers the alarm. DNA Security has the experience and expertise to offer advice on which system would best suit your particular premises.  Importantly, specific engineers are assigned to particular contracts.  This allows a good working relationship between your company and the engineer and ensures a thorough understanding of your specific alarm system.  The installation of intruder alarms, which are fully compliant with insurance standards, includes a maintenance contract, carried out by your designated engineer.


Intruder alarms are an essential part of your security protection plan.  Not only does this lessen your risk of crime and vandalism, it also provides an essential component of protection for your employees.  There may be occasions when they work in isolation or in remote areas of your building and Health and Safety Regulations place a duty of care on employers to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.  Having an effective and properly maintained intruder alarm system provide a safe environment, which could avoid unpleasant and potentially violent situations.

Isn’t it time you took security at your workplace seriously, before you regret it?


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