Statistics show that a burglary takes place in the UK every 40 seconds. Fifty six per cent of them occur at night-time. Fewer police patrols on our streets and downgrading of punishment for burglary all adds to a dangerous cocktail, ignored at our peril.

Burglar alarms which are well installed and maintained act as a strong deterrent to burglars, the majority of whom are opportunistic and looking for easy pickings. DNA security understands the risks and are a reputable company, offering competitively priced alarm installations, which protect your property and its contents.

Imagine the worst

Imagine coming home from an enjoyable family holiday, to find your home has been ransacked. Or going out for a meal one evening and on returning home, discover a broken window or forced door. Not finding your laptop, with its precious family photos and videos, which you had left on the desk. Discovering the dressing table in the bedroom with the drawers pulled open. Grandma’s silver ring. Your charm bracelet you got for your 21st birthday. Dad’s old watch. Priceless. Personal. Precious. The opportunist burglar walking along the street had seen there was no alarm on your house. He jemmied the lock and walked silently through your house. Room by room. Picked up your valuables. Stuff to be disposed of on eBay or down the pub. Maybe he left as your car turned the corner of the street. He had a good night. You became a crime statistic.

The true cost of being burgled

The consequences of being a victim of burglary cannot just be measured in monetary loss. Insurance will cover a large part of the loss but how do you recover from the emotional trauma of being burgled? The sanctuary of your home has been violated and it’s hard to feel safe again. Lying in bed at night when you hear a strange noise downstairs. Was that someone on the stairs or just the house creaking?

What happens when you lock the house up and go away on holiday or go out for a meal?

Will they come back again?

How do I keep my family safe?

And the biggest regret of all. Why didn’t you get round to having a burglar alarm fitted?

DNA Security knows that fitting a burglar alarm gives you peace of mind. It is a cost effective way of protecting you, your home and your loved ones. There is a wide range of alarms on the market, which suit most budgets, and a survey will identify which one meets your needs. They can be configured to allow full or part time settings and sensors can be triggered either by sound or temperature change. Experienced DNA Security engineers will carry out a survey and fit the appropriate alarm. Service contract includes maintenance, support and 24 hour emergency cover. In addition to an audible alarm outside the house, panic buttons can be installed within your property, which also activate the alarm.

It is not so much do you need a burglar alarm for your home. Are you prepared to pay the price and face the consequence of not having one fitted?

If you would like to speak with us regarding any security systems for your home or business, please do not hesitate to give DNA Security a call on [eeb_content]01424 718844[/eeb_content].