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Want to add value to your home? Then install a home security system

DNA Security East Sussex

Burglars are much more likely to be smart than dumb – especially in this age of increased surveillance. They can spot the signs of a home that is being monitored by a home security system, and they understand that their chances of successfully gaining entry into a home that’s so protected are much slimmer than gaining entry into a home that’s unprotected.

If your neighbourhood is choc-a-bloc with homeowners who take home security seriously, then this creates a much more attractive environment. It will also increase the value of all homes in such a neighbourhood, and when a house comes up for sale it will often sell for more than the national average.
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How to stay secure in summer

The arrival of summer means we are more likely to spend our time out of doors, which also means that we leave our properties unattended. This also means that people with nefarious intentions are on the look-out for opportunities to nip in to these unattended properties, then nip out again with purloined cash, car keys and other valuable items.

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Time to spring clean your home’s security system

DNA Security East Sussex

The nights are becoming lighter, which means we are all becoming more likely to spend our time out of doors. Leaving your home unoccupied (even if you are sitting in your back garden) is always a risk, but it’s especially a risk if your home security system is not up to scratch.

Those undesirable souls with nefarious intentions are always on the look out for unsecured, unoccupied homes during the warmer months where they can get in easily and quickly, and then out again just as quickly. Spring is the ideal time to perform a quick yet crucial review of your home security.
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Your intruder alarm – why maintenance is important

DNA Security East Sussex

You probably think of your intruder alarm as something that ‘just does its job’. If you’re lucky, then you probably won’t even ever use it to spook an intruder – just having a visible intruder alarm is usually enough to deter would-be miscreants.


Unfortunately, if all you hear of your intruder alarm system is the odd false alarm, then you are all too likely to forget about it. Proper maintenance is important when it comes to maintaining the effectiveness of your alarm, and here are a few very valid reasons why …
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Don’t be alarmed – keep yourself secure in 2016

Burglar Alarm installed in East Sussex by DNA

When’s the last time you tested your alarm system? Some time over the past twelve months? Before that? Never?

The New Year is always an excellent time to give your entire alarm and security system a good going over. Here are some tips to make secure you’re being kept safe and secure in 2016.

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Intruder alarms – all you need to know

Intruder Alarms,DNA Security

Despite all the technological advances, the best way to secure your commercial or residential property is still an alarm. The simple fact is that an intruder is less likely to attempt to break into a property if there is a visible alarm, and will flee the scene if an alarm sounds.
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Staying safe as you get older

Staying Safe as you get older

More and more elderly people now live independently on their own.  In England, over fifty-one percent of people aged 75 and over live alone. It’s important that these people maintain their safety and security, and receive help in doing so.

As the years advance our alertness fades and dementia is not always picked up on quickly. This results in carelessness and clumsiness. Also, elderly people can become isolated and cannot easily summon aid when they find themselves in trouble.

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What are the best security options for my business?

DNA Security in Sussex

There is a wide range of security options for businesses, which embrace simple precautions such as floodlights to very sophisticated CCTV surveillance and technology equipment. No two businesses are the same and DNA Security provides security solutions tailored to your very individual needs.

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Do I need CCTV?

Professionally installed CCTV, Sussex

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a popular choice for monitoring homes and businesses and is an excellent component of security arsenal.  Advances in technology have made this an affordable option but care must be taken with its installation.  You may want to protect your home, but not by compromising the privacy of your neighbours’ property or contravening Data Protection legislation.

CCTV is often installed in the following buildings and premises:

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