With the world returning to normality, there may be a few nerves or feelings of worry around the idea of leaving your home empty throughout the day, evening or overnight, especially if you have pets at home. Although the simple answer stated by many would be to “invest in an alarm”, pet-owners are likely to think that this option isn’t applicable to their home situation. 

With cats pouncing from tabletop to sofa and dogs roaming the house all day long, alarms should be completely out of the question, right? Wrong! There really is an alarm for every situation and household type. Allow us to introduce you to the pet-friendly alarm systems that you should consider.


When away the house or during the night, many homeowners leave their pets secured in one area of the house, from a separate room to an entire floor. No matter where this location may be, a zoned alarm system could be the answer to your security worries.

By securing sensors in each room of your property, a professional will be able to arm selected sensors in various rooms or zones throughout your home during installation. For example, if you and your pet sleep in rooms on the top floor of your property, only the sensors downstairs will remain fully-armed overnight, allowing you and your pet free roam of the top floor without sounding the intruder alarm until you deactivate it the next morning.

If you and your pet are leaving your home for a period of time, you needn’t worry about the top floor of your home remaining unprotected. Zoning alarm systems hold the ability to allow you to fully arm the entire alarm system whilst you are out of the house. In this case, if an intruder did try to enter the property from any room or floor, the alarm would sound.

Passive Infrared Systems

If you find it a challenge to train your pet into staying in one zone of your property, or if your home is primarily open plan and, because of this, it becomes impossible to keep an animal in one location, a passive infrared system could be ideal for you.

These intelligent PIS alarm systems work by sensing motion and changes in temperature. They can also be programmed to detect anything above a certain height. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, this alarm bares no limits when it comes to protecting your home.

Planning to be away from your property for the morning? Once your alarm is programmed and armed, your pets are free to roam the house as normal. Anything that enters your home above a certain height or that changes the temperature will sound the alarm system, alerting your neighbours and preventing the intruder from continuing with the task they set out to achieve, keeping your home secure.

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