Amongst the excitement of the festivities, it can be easy to let home security fall to the back of your mind. Unfortunately, it is common at this time of year to see the number of thefts rise, so it is important to take necessary steps to keep your home, gifts, and decorations protected. Outsmart burglars this year with our four simple yet effective tips.

Capture it on camera

Whether you’re home or away, keeping an eye on the external surrounds of your property isn’t always possible. Whilst requesting for neighbours to keep a look out for suspicious activity can be effective, they won’t be able to monitor your property around the clock. However, a security camera can. Whether you opt for a Ring doorbell or a CCTV camera, you can achieve peace of mind that your home is under the watchful eye of a reliable source. At this time of year, it falls dark quickly, so we would recommend investing in a security camera that offers night vision.

Steer clear of social media

During this time of year, our social calendars fill up and we find ourselves out of the house or sharing gifts at increased levels. Whilst sharing a quick snap on your Instagram page could feel harmless, you could actually be sharing key information to those with an ulterior motive. Showing that you are out of the house, whether it be for a night or a festive weekend, or displaying your gifts with pride, will give thieves the information they are looking for. Keep your activities and belongings private this Christmas.

Keep your doors secure

Many people head back to their family homes for the festive season and, whether this is you or not, there is never a better time to check that your doors and windows lock securely. You should take the time to test them yourself, seeing if you are able to gain entry, or even some wiggle room, when your home is locked up. You may find that you need to invest in a new set of locks. Alternatively, you could invest in a security system that sounds when motion is detected in your locked home.

Keep your presents hidden

Placing your presents under the tree is a tradition that dates way back, but it is also a signal to thieves that your home contains items that may be of interest. This year, be sure to keep your presents hidden away until the time to open them arrives. Once you have, it will be sensible to keep any popular, expensive, or designer packaging away from the bins until bin day. This will reduce the likelihood of passersby catching a glimpse of the gifts and signaling that there are items of value inside.

At DNA Security, we are specialists in providing security to residential and commercial properties. Celebrate in confidence this Christmas with a secure and protected home. To find out how we can help you, get in touch by calling 01424 718 844.