Shoplifting Sign

Theft at your shop or business can leave a lasting effect, and unfortunately, levels are on the rise. Luckily, there are effective steps which you can take to prevent it from occurring to you. This month, we run through a variety of the most effective options which you can explore to find the security method that is best for you.

Access doors

Door entry systems are an effective way to deter thieves. A keypad entry system, for example, is a simple way of protecting entry to a restricted area. Only by entering the correct code manually on a keypad, would you be granted access. With keys being duplicated easily, a code proves a more effective method of protection than the standard lock and key. Other types of door entry systems include basic single door systems, up to computer controlled multi-door systems which operate from facial recognition, a card swipe or a fob key.

Warning signs

The simple and budget-friendly use of anti-theft signs also prove to be an effective way to discourage theft. Place these signs at the front entrance of your business premises and the warning may be enough for the thief to question if the risk is worth the reward.

CCTV systems

Being able to monitor each area of your shop will put you at ease. The use of security mirrors will allow all areas of the shop to be visible. A step up from this would be to install a CCTV system which will record each aisle or corner of your business 24/7. A specialist security company can assess the security risks specific to your premises and the most effective camera locations whilst keeping within the boundaries of privacy laws.

Alarm systems

As it is likely that your premises will be unoccupied for regular periods, an intruder alarm is a must for any business. Statistics have shown that 56% of all burglaries take place at night. Alarm systems have proven to be one of the most worthwhile investments when protecting your business. There are a variety of alarm systems available, such as wireless and sounders. SMS and voice alert systems allow a message to be sent to a registered mobile phone and alert them of the date and time of activation in an efficient and timely manner.

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