When it comes to home security, there really is no such thing as being too careful – and this attitude should extend to your perimeter security too, including your garage. With the material of garage doors often being weaker than those on the front, side and back of our properties, they can be seen by thieves as the place for an easy entrance. Whilst in some cases it can be difficult to enhance the strength of your garage door itself, there are precautions you can take to prevent attempted entrance through it. Let’s take a look at our top tips for reinforcing the security of your garage…

Keep the door locked

It is normal for homeowners to feel a certain pride around the area that they live – or we would hope at least – but it can often lead to us wearing rose-tinted glassesand becoming a little less realistic about the precautions we should continue to implement, even if we feel safe in our area. Actions such as popping back into the house whilst leaving the garage door open are things you should prevent yourself from doing. An act as simple as closing and locking your garage door every time you walk away from it will only take an additional few seconds out of your day, whilst ensuring that the belongings within your garage remain in your possession.

Keep any windows covered

Larger garages, and often those detached from houses, may have a set of windows installed, allowing light to enter the room without the need for extensive electricity. Whilst you should always ensure that these are locked in the same way as you would with your garage door, covering them over with a blind or set of curtains can also provide an additional layer of security. By keeping your possessions hidden, you cold eliminate any interest over certain items, such as your car, bike, or tools, reducing the motivation for breaking and entering greatly.

Light up the perimeters

It goes without saying – a burglar will be attracted to the dark in the same way that a moth would be attracted to a flame. The dark provides them with a place to hide, where they will be difficult to spot and identify whilst they attempt their burglary. Therefore, the installation of security lighting around the entrance and perimeter to your garage could be a factor simple enough to deter the action altogether. Any form of lighting could be beneficial here, but you may wish to opt for motion-detecting, taking the responsibility of remembering to turn the lights on off your shoulders and ensuring your garage is protected whenever it is needed.

Install intruder alarm systems

Many homeowners are often under the impression that intruder alarm systems are solely for use within homes, but they can in fact be installed to garages too – even if they are detached from your property – and are just as effective as those within your home! Motion detection alarm systems can be effective for two reasons – one of course being the loud alarm, and the second being the visibility of the system. Often, this can be enough to deter the motivation of the burglary altogether.

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