With a glimpse of normality approaching on the horizon, discussions of returning to the workplace are beginning. It may be that yours has been closed and locked up for the last 365 days and you are considering implementing higher levels of security for your return for protection purposes, or it may be that you are now having to take on the additional responsibility in ensuring that only authorised personnel are granted access into certain areas of the workplace to keep in line with social distancing legislations. No matter your reasoning, door access systems are on hand to provide you with the security you are seeking.

What is an access control system?

Access control systems are installed to restrict entry into particular locations, such as the main office, a comms room or entry into a ‘staff only’ section of your shop. Only those with a fob, code or key card will be granted access.

What are the benefits of an access control system?

• Prevention of theft
One of the main benefits which come alongside the installation of an access control system is that unwanted visitors will be denied access onto your premises, therefore preventing theft from occurring at your workplace. External contacts, such as clients, will be able to contact reception who will be able to open the door manually, and this action can be denied for those who are acting suspiciously or remain unrecognised, allowing you to take further action whilst they remain on the outside of your premises.

• Prevent employee theft
Although we would all like to believe that our trusted employees would never dream of stealing from their own workplace, you can never be too careful. Access control systems can prevent employees from entering the workplace after hours. Some will also provide you with the name of employee ID that was utilised to gain access at various times throughout the day, allowing all details to be logged and tracked.
• Dump the worry
It is often a task left to the last employee within the workplace to lock up securely. If your door access control is situated at the main entrance to your workplace, the need for a sleepless nights worrying if you have locked up efficiently could be removed as the door will automatically lock behind each person that closes it. With access only granted to those who withhold a pass, fob or key card, the entry of unauthorized personnel can be prevented.

• Safe monitoring
There are door access control systems on the market which can provide the employer with the details of all employees who have used their pass to gain entry into a workplace location, allowing them to monitor the staff count for safety purposes, such as a fire drill, and ensuring that each employee is where they are supposed to be for the successful running of the business.

At DNA Security, our team have the experience and expertise to advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective security systems for your return to work, as well as securely installing it to protect you, your premises and assets. For any enquiries, get in touch with us by calling 01424 718 844 and we will be happy to help secure your workplace.