Moving into a new office can be a great sign of change and growth and can be an exciting transformation for your employees. However, there will of course be practical elements which you must take care of at the earliest possibility. One crucial consideration is your security.

Having moved from your previous workplace, you may have become dependent on the security systems you had in place. It is important that you don’t fall under the illusion that they will move on with you, as there will be new processes, systems, and codes that will need to be actioned to protect your workplace.

Complete the works before you move in

When viewing your new workplace, you may find that alterations are required to keep it in line with your needs. Whether these are construction, plumbing, or electrical works, we would recommend having any works completed before you officially move in. This way, you can be sure that any valuable or confidential items remain unseen by the eyes of external visitors.

Install security systems

Installing security systems will be beneficial in numerous ways, from deterring the actions of thieves, to recording them and alerting you about any thefts or break-ins. Reliable systems can include surveillance cameras, ranging from Ring doorbells to wired CCTV cameras, as well as intruder alarms. On top of this, security aspects such as door access controls will allow only approved staff members to gain access into the workplace, or specific locations which hold confidential details.

Take note of your inventory

As you transport your items from your current workplace to your new one, take a note of their names, descriptions and any additional information in an inventory and keep it stored in a safe place. If a break-in ever were to occur, you would be able to refer back to your list in an effort to locate any missing valuables and detect if any damage has been caused to your remaining items.

Change the locks or key codes

Once the old tenants have moved out, we would recommend that you take the time to change the locks and access codes into your premises. Not only will this create a fresh start, but it will also prevent any of the old tenants from gaining access to your workplace. When handing out new keys or codes, be careful that you only pass them on to current employees and consider changing them whenever a member of the team leaves.

Trust in our expertise at DNA Security, and protect your new office space with confidence. For any questions or enquiries, get in touch by calling us on 01424 718 844.