Your home is the place you should feel at your safest. With the dark winter nights drawing in on us, it is important that you stay feeling secure within the walls of your own home. It is an honest fact that thieves regularly enter homes without force, allowing them to operate unnoticed and untraced, so it is time to make sure that your main entry points are secure to prevent this from being attempted within your property.

There are three main entry points that statistics have revealed are the most commonly attempted and operated locations for potential and successful break-ins. These are:

  • Your front, back or side doors
  • Your front, back or side windows
  • You garage or shed

Allow us to walk you through the ways in which you can secure these and deter thieves from your home.

Keep it locked

A simple and cost-effective action to take, which a surprising number of brits tend to bypass, is to lock all external doors and windows. You may think that a theft is something that is unlikely to be targeted to you and your home, but you can never be too safe. Keeping your front, back and side doors locked will also ensure that your insurance remains valid should you need to make a claim if the worst does happen.

Keep your keys out of reach

Another cost-effective method to reinforce the safety of your home via door entry, is to remove all keys from the front, back and side doors and windows. Keep these locked away in a draw or any place else out of reach of a letterbox, cat flap or opening into your home that could be utilised by use of a theifs tool. You should also keep any spare keys with trusted and reliable neighbours. In the UK, it is common for homeowners to leave spare keys under plant pots or entrance mats, almost providing the thief with the key required to enter their home without force.

Invest in a camera doorbell

Investing in a camera operated doorbell can be an effective method of deterring thieves from your home. If they can see that you have a security system in place that also has the possibility to record their identity and activities purely by sensing movement, this could be enough to make them pass by.

Out of sight CCTV security

As mentioned previously, doorbell cameras in plain sight can deter thieves from attempting a burglary in your home. However, there are also benefits to having cameras stored out of sight. Experienced burglars may possess knowledge on how to disable plain-sighted cameras, whilst if yours has been secured by a professional in the home security industry, you can ensure this will be un-seen, robust and secured, therefore unable to remove, resulting in clear footage and facial recognition.

Window coverings

The simple act of covering your windows with a blind or curtain will deter passers-by and potential thieves from observing the items of value within your home. From a transparent material, to an opaque, thick blind, they will act as a safety barrier between your property and the outside world.


Lighting is a simple yet extremely effective home security method. If you have a driveway or path that runs down the side of your home or garage, be sure not to forget to install sensor lighting in these locations, as well as outside your front and back doors and gardens. If an intruder were to step foot onto your premises in any location once these lights had been installed, the sensor would detect the movement and shine a bright light, resulting in the thief being left in plain sight of you, your neighbours or your CCTV cameras.

Alarm systems

Homes, garages and sheds are highly likely to hold multiple items of value, from televisions and laptops, to family heirlooms and possibly even motor vehicles. This is purely the reason in which some homes in our neighbourhoods are targeted. To secure these valuables, alarm systems can be fitted to multiple points within the walls of your home, garages, sheds or outbuildings. With the assistance of a professional within home security, you can rest assured that, if entry is ever attempted, you will be alerted by sound of an alarm and notification to your mobile device, allowing you to be aware of the situation whether you are at home or not.

If you are seeking home security advice or assistance, get in touch with a member of our expert team here at DNA Security by calling 01424 718 844  where we will be happy to visit and assess your home before supplying you with safety features that will benefit you and your property.