So, you’re selling your home? As you’re about to discover, home buyers are seeking out security features at the top of their list of priorities. And even if the prospect of a house sale is far off in the distance, improving the security of your home should be the goal of any home owner (especially since only 14 arrests are made per 100 burglaries – leaving you with little hope of getting any valuables back).

Meet today’s home hunter – They’re incredibly security conscious

Research undertaken by the website has discovered that security, overall, is one of the most common concerns. 71% of all home hunters consider secure doors and windows a ‘must have’, while 72% state that double-glazing is essential. In their list of priorities, ‘strong and secure doors and windows’ was the third most requested feature that home buyers sought.

“Our research suggests that today’s potential home-buyers are putting practical concerns ahead of aesthetics by looking for properties which are cosy, energy efficient and secure, rather than full of character.”

  • Ben Wilson from Home Insurance

The two considerations to be put above security were a solid central heating system and double glazing. If you are selling you up, you may like to know that factors such as a shower,  off-road parking facilities, a good broadband connection, nice neighbours, a good range of shops and a garden are all things that home hunters were found to also rate highly after security.

Beyond the house sale – Keeping your home secure

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology found that 60% of incarcerated buglers reported a security system had previously put them off an attempted break in. Security systems, alongside a common sense approach to home security (such as ensuring everything is locked, as almost 30% of all break ins involve the first point of access being an unlocked door or window) will ensure optimal security for the time you live in your home.


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