With the cost of energy bills rising, it is no surprise that homeowners are looking in other directions for somewhere that they can cut back on their spendings to save a little extra cash. One direction that you may benefit from looking in is that of your home security.

Can a security alarm reduce home insurance costs?

A number of insurance providers take into account the measures you put in place to protect your home and possessions. However, this may not be all of them, and for those that do take it into consideration, it could be down to the type of alarm you have installed. DIY alarm systems that are installed by an un-trained customer often come hand-in-hand with worrying stories of faults and theft, and so multiple home insurers will not take the risk with them. This could mean that, so long as your system is purchased from a trusted provider and is certified by a dependable organisation such as the National Security Inspectorate, you may find your request for a price cut is accepted. If you find that you are entitled to a discount, it is important to remember that your insurer may only provide this if your alarm is regularly and reliably serviced.

What are the benefits of security systems?

When considering whether to have a reliable home security system professionally installed, you should take a look at the benefits they could have for your home. These include…

  • Being a strong visual deterrent for anyone attempting a burglary. The risk of an alarm alerting both the homeowner and neighbours can be too great of a risk, and often outweigh the benefits.
  • Providing you with confidence and peace of mind in the security of your home, and safety of yourself and your family, whether you are at home or away.
  • Being reliably tailored to the way of your home and family life, including the presence of pets.

How else could home insurance costs be reduced?

Of course, we cannot guarantee that your home insurance provider will declare that you are entitled to reduced home insurance costs, but we can advise on approaches that you could take with your home security that could put you on the right path.

Secure your locks

Securing the locks on your entrance points, including doors and windows, will prevent thieves from gaining access into your home through a simple entry point.

Invest in a security camera

Whether this be wired CCTV or a device such as a Ring doorbell, security cameras can act as a visual deterrent, allowing you to capture visual evidence that can be used for a description if needed. Just make sure you have yours installed and positioned correctly!

Join your Neighbourhood Watch team

As well as being a helpful eye for the safety of you and your neighbours, you could find that the occasional home insurance company offer discounted costs for those who are a part of their Neighbourhood Watch team!

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