Before deciding to have door access control systems installed, it is important to ascertain whether this would be applicable for your business.  In certain situations are not ideal for these systems, such as sharing a reception with another company, might require careful consideration as to where one of these systems might be correctly installed.  Another important consideration is allowing safe entry and exit for your staff.  Fire doors are exempt, for very obvious reasons, from having any form of controlled access fitted to them.

The need for controlled door access systems is determined by the nature of your business and level of security required by your clients and personnel.  Examples of businesses benefiting from controlled door access systems include:

  • Companies dealing with highly sensitive matters where client confidentiality is paramount. This could involve medical or legal issues, where paperwork is highly confidential and any form of security breach could be catastrophic to your clients.
  • Cash may be required to be kept on site and this area needs to be secure with very controlled access to members of staff
  • High value stock or goods, which might be at risk of shrinkage from unscrupulous employees
  • Shared access to your business premises may necessitate a second line of protection to prevent visitors from gaining access to your office
  • Specific areas within your office may need to have limited access to protect confidential documents such as staff contracts, spreadsheets and petty cash
  • Staff will require somewhere to store their handbags and valuables whilst at work

How do you choose the most suitable door access control system?

In addition to your main entrance, controlled access systems can be incorporated to restrict areas and access to:

  • Conference rooms
  • Elevators
  • Staff rooms
  • Rooms containing office equipment such as computers, Ipads, lap tops, printers and photocopiers. These last two items are costly to run and maintain and can be open to inappropriate or misuse by members of staff

Having established your business would benefit from one of these systems, it would be the perfect opportunity to ask the professional opinion of DNA Security to advise on an appropriate system.  Door access systems range from very basic to very sophisticated and advanced systems.  The basic ones are activated by a simple keypad and code given to your staff.   Cost effective. Simple. Efficient.

More sophisticated systems are activated by the use of smart cards.  Technology allows personal information such as photo ID or a password to be embedded into the card.  The level of security and technology involved in these systems is obviously reflected in the final cost. DNA Security always identify which product suits the needs of your individual business and recommend a bespoke solution, firmly believing that recommending a door access control system based purely on price, would be unethical and unprofessional.

DNA Security also understands the crucial importance of allowing your staff safe entry and exit to your premises. Emergency exits must comply with strict health and safety regulations, which allow for prompt and safe evacuation of your staff in emergency situations.

Innovative technology integrated into modern controlled door access systems allows your business to employ a bespoke solution, providing a safer working environment for you and your staff.

If you would like to speak with us regarding any security systems for your business, please do not hesitate to give DNA Security a call on [eeb_content]01424 718844[/eeb_content].