Home security systems have never been more popular, sales in intelligent home security systems predicted to rise by an unprecedented 15.4% over the coming five years.
But what’s driving this interest? Here we take a look at six of the most compelling reasons.

1. Intelligent home security protects properties from a growing number of emergencies

Modern security systems flex and fit to pick up on a range of emergencies, not only an intrusion; this includes carbon monoxide leaks, burst water mains and fires.

2. Users realise the importance of remote use

Gone are the days of forgetting to set the home alarm – with intelligent security, users can check the status of their alarms at any point in time – choosing to switch them off, on and amending the settings as they see fit, from wherever they are in the world.

3. Smart systems have bolstered the fight against shrewd burglars

Traditional cable-based security had a serious problem – such systems could be rendered useless by determined burglars cutting the wires that connected them from the outside of the home. Today, smart systems can be completely wireless and can also continue to operate even if the Wi-Fi is disabled or goes down.

4. Home owners are realising the power of smart security

Approximately 25% of security replacements include at least one smart home device (such as smart thermostats, networked video cameras or smart lighting devices), and as smartphone usage becomes more and more engrained into our everyday lives, home owners are beginning to realise the possibilities of smart home security. Features such as 24/7 CCTV – viewable on any mobile device, and remote alarm and door control are powerful selling points of such systems, especially since the price point of this technology continues to decrease.

5. Smart security systems today provide for much more than intruder alerts

Today’s smart security systems are going far beyond traditional event alerts, and are now capable of alerting users to events such as children who arrive home, contractors who may access a smart lock and someone gaining access to a safe or cabinet.

6. Home sellers are looking to make their property more attractive

We recently wrote about the increasing number of home buyers who placed security at the top of the list when searching for a home; and with 44% of home buyers specifically looking for homes with smart technology, it appears that the uptake of smart security is now specifically down on the average home buyer’s list, as it should also be for the typical property seller.

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