An alarm, be it intruder or fire, protects you and your home whilst providing you with the confidence that you and your family will remain safe in your premises. However, a poorly maintained alarm could process several faults and without regular checks or services, could stop functioning as it should and decrease your levels of safety.

Why you should service your alarm

After investing the costs into securing your home, you will want to ensure that your alarm serves its purpose continually. Regular services will offer you the peace of mind that, over time, the system hasn’t faulted and become unable to detect the motions in which you require it for. These services are much like our routine visits to the dentist. We attend the check-up even if we feel as though everything is operating as it should and sometimes, we may find that there is an area of damage which needs repairing in order to function properly again. This is the same process that we should carry out with our alarm systems. If you haven’t experienced a fault, it doesn’t confirm the fact that there will be no underlying problems lurking just out of sight and, in situations like these, it is far better to be safe than sorry. You should also remember that a poorly maintained or faulty intruder or fire alarm could affect the level of your home or contents insurance.

When to service your alarm

By arranging to have your alarm system serviced annually, you are allowing a reasonable space of time for any potential fault to appear and be effectively repaired before it becomes a negative matter for your safety. Strictly speaking, you can book your system in for a service as often as you want within the year, but we wouldn’t recommend leaving your system un-serviced for any timespan longer than one year. The sooner a fault is spotted, the simpler the repair options will be, resulting in a lower cost. It is also worth noting that the batteries are not life-long and will run low within the time span of 2-3 years, so these will need a replacement to ensure full working function of your alarm system.

How to service your alarm

If your alarm system is due a service, it is important to get in touch with a trained professional. These security experts will have the correct tools and machinery to effectively repair any faults, even those which have not yet occurred, and stop any potential damage in their tracks. They will also test the functionality of your system and hand over an updated service report before leaving your home, allowing you to rest assured that everything is in working order. If you were to attempt a full system service yourself, you could cause damage to a sensor, fuse or the control panel, restricting your alarms ability to operate entirely and resulting in a costly replacement and a period of time at home without the security and comfort of a working alarm.

If your alarm is due a service, or if you would simply like to enquire about installing an alarm system within your property, get in touch with our expert team at DNA Security by calling 01424 718844 where we will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have and assess your home to find an option best suited for you.