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Burglars are much more likely to be smart than dumb – especially in this age of increased surveillance. They can spot the signs of a home that is being monitored by a home security system, and they understand that their chances of successfully gaining entry into a home that’s so protected are much slimmer than gaining entry into a home that’s unprotected.

If your neighbourhood is choc-a-bloc with homeowners who take home security seriously, then this creates a much more attractive environment. It will also increase the value of all homes in such a neighbourhood, and when a house comes up for sale it will often sell for more than the national average.


Home security system = home insurance discounts

Insurance companies love homes that are protected and monitored by home security systems. Some companies will offer a discount as high as twenty percent if your home has a security system installed.
The provision of home and contents insurance policies is a highly competitive industry. If you have a home security system installed, then contact your current insurance provider to check what kind of discounts they offer. If you are unhappy with what they tell you, then switch provider!


Buyers will pay more for a home that’s already secured

Safety is paramount when it comes to home owning. No one is going to want to move into a new home if they feel vulnerable, or if they feel it is prone to being burgled as soon as it is left unattended. If you are serious about getting a decent price for your home, then you need to make sure it is properly secured with decent locks for all doors and windows and, if at all possible, a burglar alarm with both contact and passive sensors installed.

To add to your home’s ‘secure factor’ you need also to make sure that all smoke sensors and carbon monoxide sensors are functional and can be proven that they are functional. The more a sense of ease and security that you can generate, the more likely you are to receive the maximum value for your home when the time comes to sell.


Add value to your life, as well as your home

With the installation of a home security system installed in your home, you are not only adding value to your property, you are adding value to your everyday living as well. If you have a professionally-installed and maintained home security system, then you will feel safe in your home when you’re there, and safe that your home is secured when you are away.

Security systems can be extremely sophisticated these days, and without costing the earth. You can install monitoring cameras that can be linked into your home network which means you can view their output via your smartphone or tablet http://www.iveamobility.com/diazepam10mg/ wherever you may be. You can also install ‘smart’ intercom devices that allow you to answer someone at your door via your mobile device, even when you are miles from home.

There are plenty of ways in which you can tighten your home’s security. Doing so will help you to feel secure, and will make your home seem more attractive to any potential buyers.

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