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Securing your property can seem a daunting task, and there can be a large amount of pressure when it comes to deciding on the best suited security method for your home. There are several options available on the market, but first you must decide between a wired, or wire-free, method. It is a common misconception amongst homeowners that wire-free security systems are unreliable, but is this true?

Are wire-free security systems effective?

To cut straight to the chase, wire-free security systems are highly effective. In fact, they often come accompanied with features not available on wired security systems. A broad range of the UK’s best rated systems are wireless, and provide top-of-the-range protection. Let’s take a look at the benefits they could hold for you…

The benefits of wireless home security systems

No wires to be cut

One of the potential worries with home security systems is thieves being somewhat ‘tech-savvy’ and being able to locate and cut the required wires or sensors, disabling the system and allowing them entry. Being wire-free, you can wave goodbye to this worry.

Uninterrupted recording

Many wireless security systems are accompanied by a backup feature, allowing your system to continue operating even if your property experiences a power or internet outage.

A simple installation

Without wires being traced throughout your property, the installation of a wireless system is simpler than ever. Whilst you could request the installation to be carried out by a professional, you could find that the process is simple enough to complete yourself.

Access anytime, anywhere

Another benefit to wireless security systems is the ability it grants you to monitor your home at any time, from any location. Using your smartphone, you could receive notifications to alert you of a presence at your front door, allowing you to communicate with any visitors through the camera itself, as well as arm and disarm your system.

Do wire-free security systems require a strong Wi-Fi connection?

The requirement for a reliable Wi-Fi connection to your home security system is often enough to deter homeowners form making the investment. Let’s face it – no-one’s internet connection is impeccable indoors, let alone reaching to the external walls of your property. However, many systems no longer require Wi-Fi at all. Cellular signals are able to transfer data and send alerts to your mobile device and are commonly found as a feature amongst many wire-free systems, sparing you the need to worry about an unstable connection to Wi-Fi.

Are wire-free home security cameras reliable?

Overall, wireless security systems show no indications that they are bad for the protection of your home. Along with their cellular connections and ability to record during a power outage, they also provide the ability to save CCTV footage both locally and to the cloud, so you will never lose footage, no matter the condition of your connection.

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