While it may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when it comes to your home security cameras, it is unfortunately all too easy for hackers to gain access to them if they put their mind to it. For most people it won’t be an issue, but do you want to be that small percentage of people who do get hacked? We didn’t think so. It is easy to stay safe by taking a few simple security steps. This month we feature what those are and how to tell whether your security cameras have been breached.

Signs of a security breach

There are a few telltale signs that a camera, or even a baby monitor, has been hacked. Look out for the following:

  • Odd noises. If you notice any unusual noises from your cameras then beware. Security cameras don’t really make any sound so if you notice any coming from yours then the chances that they have been hacked are high.
  • Camera rotation. If you cameras are moving, particularly if they seem to track your movements across a room or seem to be pointed in a different direction to that which you have set, then you may well have been hacked.
  • Blinking lights. If you notice any blinking LED lights either on your webcams or other security cameras then it is possible that someone is hacking into them. Similarly, if a light is on but you don’t remember turning the camera on, it may not have been you who did it.
  • Altered security settings. If you find that the security settings are different and you don’t remember changing them, it is another sign that someone has got access and changed them.

 Keeping your security cameras secure

It is a frightening thought to consider that someone may have gained access to your security system and be in control and watching you. You can greatly reduce the chances of this happening by following a few simple steps:

  • Keep your system up to date. Stay on top of the latest antivirus updates and software and always download updates as soon as they become available. Most security companies will keep you informed of changes and updates, particularly where they relate to security, and it pays to heed those alerts and stay on top of things.
  • Change your password. It is prudent to change your security password periodically. It sounds obvious, but don’t use the same password for your security system as you have for other applications, such as your banking apps, email, or social media platforms. It may be annoying but having separate passwords will reduce the likelihood of a breach and, if there is one, hackers will not gain access to all your secure information in one go.
  • Buy from reputable providers. It may be tempting to buy a cheap camera online but one from a reputable and well-known retailer is a much better option.


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