Burglar caught on camera

Home security cameras are a popular way to protect your home from burglary. But what’s the evidence that they prevent crime by deterring potential criminals?

Despite the widespread availability of security cameras, only 14% of UK adults say they have security cameras in their home.

Are security cameras something you should be considering to protect your home and your loved ones?

How do security cameras prevent crime?

Security cameras are designed to deter criminals from targeting your property. They work on the same principle as public security cameras, which are proven to reduce crime rates in your area. Next time you visit a large shop or shopping mall, you may notice security cameras on every corner for the simple reason that they work.

Security cameras capture evidence of a crime. That’s something any criminal will be keen to avoid. The glimpse of a security camera is enough to deter most criminals from any intended illegal activity.

Research shows that security cameras help police identify and catch offenders. According to London Metropolitan Police, they were able to identify 5,000 suspects thanks to security camera footage.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, head of London’s Metropolitan Police urged more homeowners to install security cameras outside their homes. He said that security cameras are a powerful weapon in helping the police to solve crimes, advising homeowners to install them at eye-level to better capture the faces of criminals.

What’s the evidence that security cameras deter crime?

But is there any evidence that proves security cameras are effective in deterring crime?

To better understand how the criminal mind works, Co-op Insurance spoke to a panel of ex-convicts. The panel revealed the top deterrent for home thieves was the sight of a home security camera. Other effective deterrents included the sound of a barking dog, strong heavy doors, locked uPVC windows and motion-activated security lights.

How to get the best from security cameras

Although security cameras are helpful in gathering evidence of a crime taking place, it’s much better to scare criminals off before they commit a crime in the first place.

So it’s often a good idea to position your security camera out in the open as a warning sign for potential burglars. You could make doubly sure that criminals know you have cameras by putting up warning signs.

It’s important to ensure your security cameras cover all the main entrances of your home including all doors and windows.

Make sure to adjust your motion sensitivity settings so that if criminal activity is taking place, your security camera will be recording footage.

Choosing a security camera system

Security cameras are becoming more and more popular for home security. They are surprisingly cost-effective, from basic systems costing less than £100 to top-of-the-range systems costing thousands. Whatever system you choose, it’s important to ensure the camera is of high quality, and you take professional advice on the best places to position the cameras.

Wired security camera systems are ideal for the budget-conscious, but wireless systems offer added convenience. Images can be stored on a hard drive or digital recorder.

A good security camera system will not only deter crime, it will keep your insurance premiums down and give you peace of mind in your home.

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