Commercial shop fire alarm

Running a business can be a challenge and understanding fire security is often an area that is overlooked. However, there is a high possibility that you have a legal requirement to fit a detection system in your shop. Often business premises require several safety provisions, ranging from smoke or heat detectors to addressable alarm systems.  Understanding your legal responsibility is often confusing and costly, not to mention unsafe.  Here we take a look at the things you should consider before you make your decision…

Confusion around legislation

It can often be confusing understanding which legislation applies to your shop. In some instances, the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, commonly known as the RRO, provides sufficient guidelines but does not stipulate service intervals, alarm test requirements or the British Standard of equipment that should be used. By allowing us to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment, you can be sure that you are meeting the legal requirements.

Out of hours

From time to time you will be away from your shop, occasionally leaving it unattended for a few minutes or closed.  In this event, it is important to let the emergency services know if a fire has been detected. Addressable alarm systems are able to notify your local fire brigade the moment that heat or smoke is detected, whether you are present or not.

You should also consider whether smoke alarms, heat alarms, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors would be necessary to ensure the best level of protection at all times.

Are fire extinguishers enough?

Fire extinguishers can provide immediate means to combat a fire but do not provide detection of smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. They also cannot provide response whilst your shop is unattended. Even if your shop is exempt from the fire protection legislation, fire extinguishers may not provide sufficient protection to your shop and you should consider fitting a fire alarm.

False alarms

The fear of false alarms can often be enough to deter people from having any fire protection alarms installed at all.  Regular servicing of your alarm system will ensure that false alarms are avoided whilst providing up to date fire protection.

Historic buildings

Even though the Scottish Government have recently announced their intention to install fire alarm systems in every home in Scotland, some people are concerned about the impact that a fire alarm system can have on historic buildings such as churches or listed buildings. In these instances, a wireless fire alarm system would provide sufficient protection without the need for external cables or invasive and potentially damaging installations.


It is possible that your premises may be exempt from the legal requirement to provide a fire detection system. The size, layout and structure of your shop are all important factors to take into consideration, as well as your business activities and the materials you store.  Employees are also classed into high and low risk categories, clarifying which type of fire alarm will be a priority for your business.

For or more advice or help with choosing a Fire Protection System for your shop, just get in touch with us at DNA Security. Simply give us a call on 01424 718 844 for an informal chat or to book an appointment.


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