Moving is always exciting, if a little stressful as well, but overall a positive experience. There’s lots to discover as you start to unpack and find new places for everything, figure out how the boiler and heating work, where the water, gas, and electricity meters are, and get the hot water to work for that first relaxing, hot soak in the new bath.

Your new home may have come with an existing security alarm system, installed by the previous owners, or even the owners before them. It may or may not have worked for a while, and you may or may not have been left with the manuals, security codes, or details of any monitoring that may be included as part of the installation package. It’s unlikely that this is something anyone remembered to ask during the busy moving period, so you are now left with a security alarm that you know nothing about. What can you do?

Check its condition

If the alarm has been there for a while then it could be an older system that may not have been updated for some time or which may not be supported by manufacturers any more given its age. The first step should be to get in touch with the manufacturer and find out a little more about it if you can. If that is not possible – they may no longer be in business or there is nothing to identify who the manufacturer is – then an independent security engineer can help.

An older, wired system could still be fit for purpose with the right updates to the software or you could decide that it is time to upgrade to a newer, more modern, wireless system.

Fit for your purpose

Assuming you have inherited a relatively new, functioning alarm there are still things that will need to be done to make sure that it is right for you. Previous owners will have programmed it to suit their lifestyle which may not be compatible with yours. For example, if you have pets at home, you may find that the sensors are set at a level that triggers the alarm when they are moving around. Older alarms may also be more sensitive and get triggered more often than necessary.

Stay on the good side of your new neighbours by getting the alarm reprogrammed to better suit your life and purposes – one less thing to worry about in your new home too.

Maintenance and reprogramming

Whatever you decide, a maintenance check should be done on the intruder alarm to ensure that it is functioning correctly. If you have not been left with any codes or programming details, a security engineer can update that for you at the same time. Even if you have these, it is a good idea to change them, just as you would the locks in a new property. They will also make sure you understand how to use it and how to test and replace any batteries.

If you have opted for the monitoring service, then you will need to ensure that everyone in your home knows what to do in the event that it is triggered, particularly if you are under duress.

For help with an alarm system that you inherited in your new home, whether wired or wireless, talk to one of our team at DNA Security. Just give us a call on 01424 718 844 and we can take you through the process quickly, making sure your home and loved ones are safe and secure.