It’s that time of year when everything turns a little spooky..! Lights go off and candles flicker through carved pumpkins on doorsteps. Ghoulish masks and fake spiders’ webs make their appearance across doors and windows. It must be Halloween!
It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of it, particularly if you have little ones that are likely to go trick or treating, or expect the neighbourhood’s kids to come knocking on your door. Unfortunately, it is also a time that burglars or fraudsters are likely to take advantage of so before you get too carried away in the fun and festivities, here are a few tips to help keep you and your home safe on the night.

Go easy on the decorations

We’re not trying to spoil the party and by all means get those decorations up! Just don’t cover your windows and doors to the point where you can’t see out anymore. You want some visibility of what, or who, is on your doorstep. It may be that not everyone who comes knocking on your door on the 31st October has good intentions, so don’t drop your guard.

Keep some lights on

Candles can be blown out by anyone seeking to gain access to your home. You could switch out some candles for small LED lights and make sure the porch light is working so you can turn it on if you need to get better light to see through the door’s peephole. You could also turn on a light indoors to deter anyone thinking they can get in under the cover of darkness.

Keep your doors and windows locked

Just because you are expecting trick or treaters doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain vigilance at all times. Keep your door locked just as you would normally, no matter how many times you have to unlock it to open it. Don’t be tempted to keep it on the latch or prop it open, that’s just asking for trouble! When you do have visitors who have come knocking, try not to keep your door open for too long or to open it too wide; you don’t want to give anyone a good look around what valuables you have so they can try breaking in at some other time.

Safety in numbers

If you’re expecting little ones to come around then make sure you are not alone. When opening the door to strangers it’s good to have that backup should it turn out that it’s not what you were expecting.

If you’re out trick or treating

If you are the one who is out looking to trick or for a treat, then make sure you have locked all the windows and doors behind you. Leave lights on outside to deter any potential burglars who are more likely to avoid any well-lit properties. It’s also worth leaving a light or two on indoors as well, perhaps the TV or radio on too, to give the illusion that someone is home. And if you have a security alarm, makes sure to arm it.

For more tips and ideas on how to keep your home safe at Halloween or at any other time of the year or for advice on installing an alarm, talk to us at DNA Security. You can get hold of us by calling 01424 718 844 and one of our team will help you out.