We should be grateful that smoke detectors sounding falsely is at a higher occurrence than alarms sounding to signal a fire, but needless to say, being awoken suddenly to a screeching alarm sound or finding it impossible to go a day without having to battle with the device to stop it from sounding is not greatly appreciated.

As well as generating stress, common false alarms will lead to the decrease of vigilance, leading to possible safety risks. It is therefore important to figure out just why you are experiencing a high number of false alarms so that you can request for a professional to carry out the correct process to ensure the alarm serves its purpose, correctly.

Let’s run through some of the possibilities of your smoke detectors false alarms:

You may need to change the batteries

If the batteries on your smoke detector are fading, it is likely that it is letting out a series of repeated beeps. Per each standard battery alarm system, batteries should be changed at least once a year unless you have one installed which withholds a lifelong battery or has been wired into your electrics.

An excess build-up of dust

It may be that you have had renovation work carried out within your property, or just that your detector has gathered dust over an extended period of time. These dust particles can affect the sensitivity of your smoke detector. We recommend giving yours a wipe over, or even a light hoover, once a year.

Strong chemicals may be located nearby

The sensitivity of smoke detectors can vary, with some being able to detect a change in particles in the air due to a deep-clean or renovation taking place within your property. By contacting an expert, the sensitivity of your alarm could be adjusted, safely and professionally.

Insects may be interfering

As rare as it may be, it is possible that pesky insects have made habitat within your detector. This occurs by small insects entering through the same chambers that smoke should and therefore, interfering with the sensors. By opening up your detector, you will be able to see if this has occurred and safely remove them.

Your detectors placement may be the cause

Placing your detector directly outside a bathroom door or close to kitchen appliances could be triggering false alarms. High humidity or steam can carry moisture particles that may trigger a false alarm which appears after the majority of showers, causing the false alarms to become regular. The same concept goes for placement within 10 feet of your kitchen appliances. Simple cooking such as frying, toasting or utilising your oven will release small amounts of smoke, leading to your alarm rightly sounding. By changing the placement of your alarm to a few additional feet away from your kitchen appliances or bathroom door, you could limit the amount of false alarms that occur.

If you experience false alarms regularly, you may feel tempted to turn it off, putting the safety of you, your family or workplace and your property at risk. You should always speak with a professional where you will be able to arrange for an expert inspection, service or repair, ensuring that you remain safe within your premises. To speak with a member of our DNA Security team, give us a call on 01424 718 844 where we will be happy to help.