It’s the last thing you would want to happen at your property, but being aware of the steps to take after a burglary is something which we should all be aware of, allowing us to act quickly and efficiently. In a moment of fear, anger, upset and stress, it can be easy for your mind and judgement to become clouded, so we have covered the practical steps that you should take.

Step 1: Contact emergency services

Of course, the first step you should take would be to contact any relevant emergency services according to the situation. This should happen without delay, allowing you the best chance to catch the thieves and repair any possible injuries and damage that may have occurred. This includes reporting the situation to the police, as well as contacting a team of paramedics or fire fighters if needed.

Step 2: Remain outside the property

As severe as it may sound, your property will now be a crime scene so it important that you refrain from contaminating it. To ensure this is carried out, you should find a safe place to remain for the time being that is outside of your property. Once police arrive at your property, forensic investigations will take place to source any evidence, as well as checking for any witnesses and CCTV footage.

Step 3: Freeze your accounts

You may find yourself in a moment of stress, panic or worry and not have the time or focus to check for any stolen bank cards. A safe option to take in this instance would be to freeze your bank accounts until you can check thoroughly, preventing the loss of any money in the meantime. If you find that forms of ID have been taken whilst checking for your cards, you should inform the appropriate authorities.

Step 4: Take a note of stolen belongings

Once the forensic investigations are complete, take the time to walk through your property, room by room, and take a detailed note of every belonging that is missing. Remember to take photos of any damage and locate any receipts for stolen items that may help when it comes to proving ownership.

Did you know, around 30% of thefts are targeted for jewellery, 25% for money, 22% for outdoor furniture and accessories, 22% for sentimental items and 21% for electronical gadgets such as TV’s, sound systems and laptops? Take extra time to seek these items and if they are missing, recall any identifying details such as marks or serial numbers to report to the police.

Step 5: Contact your home insurance

If you have a home insurance provider, you may be able to claim for any damage or loss. Inform them as soon as possible and they will guide you through the claim process. The police would have provided you with a crime reference number and this will need to be shared, as well as any found receipts for stolen items. They will also aid you in the replacement process.

Step 6: Update your home security

If any entrance points have been broken during the burglary, these should be repaired as soon as possible Until then, ensure they are securely boarded up. There are steps that you can take to upgrade your home security, such as installing external motion-sensor lighting, an intruder alarm system or a CCTV camera that will work to keep your home safe in the exact ways you need it to.

Here at DNA Security, we can provide your home with a tailored security solution that allows you to feel safe, whether you are home or away. From intruder alarms to CCTV, we have the elements to protect your property at all times. For any questions or advice, get in touch by calling 01424 718 844.