When moving into a new home, you will want to take the appropriate measures to ensure that your safety remains prominent. From the viewings through to the move-in date, there are a handful of factors that you should plan for, allowing you to feel secure within the first few days in your new property.

Secure your entry points

A factor which you should assess throughout your viewings, and one which should be altered if required as soon as you move into the property, is securing all entry points. The first step to take would be to change the locks. There may be friends and family of the previous home-owner who still withhold a spare key and this action will deny them access into your home.

The frames and hinges of all doors and windows should be sturdy and letterboxes should also be observed. They should remain at a far reaching distance from the locks on the inside of your front door, preventing anyone from navigating their hand through and granting themselves open access to your property.

Light up your property

Much like walking alone in the dark, you will walk under street-lights to remain safe. By adding electricity or solar-powered lighting to the front, side and back of your property, every angle of your home will be in clear view of neighbours and passers-by, deterring thieves from attempting a break-in of any kind. Trying to sleep whilst your windows glow from your external lighting may be bothersome to yourself and your neighbours, and so there are also a wide range of motion-activated security lights available, remaining dimmed or completely switched off until movement is detected.

Invest in a security system

On the market today, there are security systems to meet with a wide range of requirements. If your home isn’t already fitted with a system, you should speak with a professional to arrange for the fixture of one. Often, even the visibility of a working intruder alarm fixed to the front of your property can be enough to deter thieves from attempting a break-in, but this is not 100% effective. However, if a break-in is tried, the alarm will be activated by the detection of movement, sounding and deterring the thief whilst alerting your neighbours, allowing them to offer their assistance.

Home security cameras are rising in popularity on the market. From wired CCTV cameras through to Ring doorbells, add an element of security to your property which allows you to capture a clear moving image of the attempting thief 24-hours a day. This footage can be stored to your device or a disc, allowing you to take it straight to the police for further investigations.

Arranging appropriate security measures for your new home needn’t be a hassle. Here at DNA Security, we are on hand with our expert knowledge to provide your property with a bespoke security system. Get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 01424 718 844.