There are several reasons why alarm codes cause problems. One of the most common scenarios is when people move into a new property and inherit an antiquated burglar alarm system. Probably the previous homeowner went through the alarm, code and its peculiarities prior to the move.  They might have scribbled the code on a post-it-note and attached it to the fridge.  They might have left a note on the control panel to make your life easier.  But in the chaos of removal boxes and misplaced furniture, it’s all too easy for the post- it- notes to get lost.  Even if the code was written on the control panel, did they mean six-five-five-six or are the fives badly written sixes?  In situations like this, it is inevitable that an engineer has to be called out from the company, who installed the alarm, to reprogramme the system and set it with a new code.  DNA Security is often called out when properties exchange hands to reset the system.

This can also occur when a home -owner decides to reset the password.  You might have shared your code with the cleaner, had a falling out and want to change the code. You should be very careful about passing on such crucial security information, because it can compromise the integrity of your intruder alarm. It might be convenient to give it to cleaner or decorator. It means you can leave for work early and they have a set of keys to your property, but how well do you really know them? Well enough to trust them with your code?

Attempting to reset the code with limited knowledge can sometimes lead to unforeseen problems. It might trigger the tamper mechanism, which is a safety device incorporated in the alarm system.  And what happens if you forget the new code? Call out DNA Security who are familiar with all their alarm systems and they will rectify the situation.

Got a problem with your existing alarm?

Victims of burglary often have alarm systems, which they have not used   for a variety of reasons.  The system might appear too complicated or too much trouble. Maybe once the code is tapped in, sufficient time is not allowed to exit the property and secure the door, and the alarm is triggered.   Some systems may have faulty connections or very basic sensors, which can be set off by spiders or the slightest vibration.

DNA Security can send an engineer to either reprogramme or replace faulty parts to alarm systems. These repairs can be carried out quickly and with the minimum disruption.

The police strongly recommend property owners nominate local, trusted key holders, who can investigate alarm activation during your absence.  This is important because of noise pollution. Also criminals know that alarms are fitted with a 20 -minute cut off.  Some of the older alarm systems require to be reset before they become active. This means your security could be compromised.

Technology has made incredible strides and alarm systems and equipment are now very sophisticated, unobtrusive internally and effective as a deterrent. If you:

  • Inherited an old alarm system,
  • Have problems or glitches that stop you setting your alarm
  • Keep meaning to update it

You may wish to repair your present alarm system, or even consider an upgrade. It would be a worthwhile investment and will certainly please your neighbours.

DNA Security prides themselves on their professional approach to security, understanding that continuity of care is an essential aspect of their industry.

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