One of the primary functions of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) is to act as a deterrent to criminal activity.  Strategic positioning of cameras allows 24-hour surveillance of business premises and residential properties.  Sometimes the cameras are situated where they can clearly be seen and on other occasions they are used covertly and concealed within an alarm system.  The use of CCTV is extremely wide spread within the UK and with the advances of technology and affordability; it has become a viable proposition for homeowners.

Does CCTV actually reduce crime?

Where cameras are situated within a commercial environment or fitted in a residential property, they certainly make a less attractive target for criminals.  DNA Security understand the importance of both positioning cameras in the correct areas and using equipment best suited to specific needs.  Some areas require waterproof or infra- red cameras.  Some situations call for cameras, which are capable of producing sharp images, which may be required for evidence in court cases. These systems have to fulfill the role of both surveillance and crime detection. In addition to reducing crime, CCTV can have a positive effect on reducing the fear of crime in public places. Some city centres have become less welcoming and safe at night.  However the use of CCTV systems has changed procedures, allowing operatives to instigate an immediate police response.

Did you know CCTV plays an important role in your business profitability?

As well as being used for security measures, CCTV has an important role to play in the running of businesses. When used correctly and efficiently, it is a powerful tool, which works both for employer and staff. It has a positive impact on:

  • The Reduction of security staffing levels, by providing 24 hour protection
  • Negating spurious insurance claims
  • Limiting or preventing assaults on members of staff by members of the public or other employees
  • The adherence of health and safety protocols, which cuts down on accidents in the workplace
  • Increased levels of efficiency
  • Shrinkage due to members of the public and staff
  • Avoiding or reducing insurance claims, which would impact on insurance premiums

Have you considered installing CCTV for your home?

Despite media reports of a reduction in crime statistics, most homeowners know that burglary has not gone away.  In fact, the justice system has become more lenient because of pressure on prisons.  This means that burglars often act with impunity, knowing the true cost of their crimes will not be met with adequate punishment.  This places the onus on property owners to increase the level of security to keep their home, contents and loved ones safe.

Many people would like the additional security offered by CCTV but are overwhelmed by the technology and choice on the market.  DNA Security is able to offer impartial and expert advice on the various CCTV systems and equipment currently available to homeowners.  This is followed by a comprehensive survey, which identifies the system best suited to your needs. Some systems may be too sophisticated or costly, which is why it is essential to clarify the purpose and role of the CTTV system.  It is also essential to take into account the intended positioning of surveillance equipment, to comply with current Data Protection Legislation. Whilst it is acceptable to place an external camera to cover your drive and garage, it would be unreasonable to have one positioned, which may impinge on the privacy of adjacent properties.

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