Is security at the top of your wish list this Christmas? It is sadly a fact that thieves tend to operate more frequently at this time of year, and so it is a common fear shared between homeowners that theirs may be the next on their list. To aid you into feeling and being protected within the walls of your home, here are some methods which you could utilise this festive season to ensure maximum safety to you and your Christmas gifts.

For the protection of your Christmas gifts:

Avoid the tree!

As tempting as it is to place your freshly wrapped presents under the tree to build upon the anticipation for unwrapping them on Christmas day, we would advise that you keep your presents away from the tree and stored out of sight from any windows until the morning of 25th December. To display a heap of gifts under a lit tree will only attract thieving eyes to your property, so hiding these away will bring an added element of safety to your home and gifts.

Hide in safety

When it comes to hiding Christmas presents from our family members, we often try to find the most obscure and un-thought-of locations to hide them within. However, the areas we may think are best to hide from the prying eyes of our household are often the worst for the prying eyes of thieves. You should avoid leaving gifts in locations such as the following, due to their easy access away from the home:

  • Your car
  • Your shed/garage/outbuilding
  • Under the seat or in the bag of your motorbike or bicycle

Think smart

When your presents have been handed out, opened and enjoyed, there is bound to be a mountain of recycling awaiting collection. This mountain will contain a rather good contents of the items of value within your home, from an empty PS4 box to a designer bag which once contained jewellery. Rather than leaving this evidence of value outside your home and in clear view of thieves, you should keep it indoors and then deliver to your local dump yourself, removing all evidence of expense within your home.

For the protection of your home:

Double check the locks

As we are sure you do every time you leave your home or before you head off up to bed, it is ever-important to double check your locks are activated. This includes all windows and doors, ensuring that if a break-in was attempted whilst you were away or asleep, the thief wouldn’t be able to get too far without risk of been seen, heard and caught.

Hide your keys

As we have mentioned before, keeping your keys out of sight will result in a safer home. If you are to leave yours by the front, back or side door, a window or even a cat flap, it is likely that the thief will possess the tools required to manoeuvre through the given entrance point and gain access to your home, garage or car keys, allowing an un-forced entry which can be incredibly difficult to detect and trace.

Test your alarms

Testing your alarms is crucial all year round, but especially at Christmas time when the rate of crime rises. You should test your smoke alarm incase of a fire with the increased level of festive decorations, cards and lights, as well as your intruder alarm. You should arrange for a professional to carry out this assessment who will be able to complete this action safely and correctly, replacing or repairing any parts which are experiencing a detection or sound fault.

Check your lighting

If you have sensor detective lighting surrounding your home and garden, take a stroll in the dark to check that each light picks up on your movements and lights up to its brightest ability. If your lights are beginning to dim or fail to switch on all together, replace the bulbs or battery as soon as you can. Lighting is a great way to deter thieves from your property so

For further advice on how to secure your home this Christmas, or for a service to your alarm systems, get in touch with a member of our professional team at DNA Security by calling us on 01424 718 844. Stay safe this Christmas!