The arrival of summer means we are more likely to spend our time out of doors, which also means that we leave our properties unattended. This also means that people with nefarious intentions are on the look-out for opportunities to nip in to these unattended properties, then nip out again with purloined cash, car keys and other valuable items.

Here’s how to keep what’s precious to you safe throughout the summer months:

Keep doors and windows shut and locked

Sadly, the days when you could trust people enough to keep your doors and windows open and unlocked all the time are long gone. The majority of people may mean you no harm whatsoever, but it only takes one person with bad intentions to notice an opportunity to thieve, and take advantage.

If you intend to spend time in your back garden, first go through your home and make sure ALL your doors and windows are shut and locked. You’d be surprised at how quickly a trained thief can enter your property, make off with your wallet or car keys (and subsequently, your car!), and make their getaway.

Additionally, insurance companies are less likely to be friendly towards any claims if there is no visible sign of forced entry.


Keep your valuables out of sight

Thieves do not steal from houses at random. They prefer to steal form houses where they know there is a chance they’ll get something that will make their endeavours worthwhile. If they can see into your home and see your wide-screen TV, your games console and your laptop within easy reach of your front door, then your home is a real invitation for them.

Also, keep car and house keys well away from your front door – it only takes a bit of stiff wire and thieves can hook them through your letterbox and obtain free entry into your home. Again, your insurance company will not be impressed.

Finally, DO NOT leave keys under plant pots or ‘secret locations’ – this is simply asking to be robbed. Instead, leave a key with a trusted friend or neighbour.


Keep your tools locked, and secure your shed

Often, burglars do not carry break-in equipment with them … as they don’t need to! If you have a garden shed you are providing burglars with a ready-made break-in kit if your shed is not adequately insured. This extends to the hinges that hold the door – too many sheds can easily have their door removed, therefore bypassing the lock. Replace the screws in the hinges with tamper-proof versions. These screws have special heads that need unique equipment to unscrew – tools that your casual thief is unlikely to carry.

Statistics prove that the summer is the worst season for burglaries – there are on average twice as many burglaries in July than April, for example. Don’t be caught out – being burgled is not just about the loss of property; it’s also about the feeling of no longer being secure in your own home. Just follow our tips to keep what’s valuable to you safe during the summer months.


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