Cost-effective ways to secure your home

Our homes contain possibly the most important things in our lives, so it is important to keep them safe. However, with some security methods proving costly and not fitting the budgets for many families, there are unfortunately many homes which are left un-secured. We have gathered a list of some of the cheaper security methods and the ones which are cost-free which you could action immediately, securing your home further without the need to hunt down extra cash.

Cost-free options

  • Keep doors and windows locked

Make this a habit within your home. When leaving the house or turning in and heading to bed for the night, ensure that all doors and windows are locked. Over 50% of thieves enter a property through the front door or window, so keeping them locked when you are not awake and wandering around your home could increase the possibility of your home being burglary free.

  • Hide your keys

Within your home, it is vital to keep your keys away from the front door and windows. You should place them in a cupboard with a door that can be locked or firmly shut, or in a drawer out of sight. Thieves can carry tools that they manoeuvre through letter boxes and windows to hook onto your keys and then gain easy entry to your home. They also use this method if they have the intention of stealing any vehicles parked outside of your home.

It may be that you need to leave a spare key outside. It is essential for the safety of your home that you do not leave this in an obvious, generic place such as under the mat or in the plant pot. If you are willing to spend a few pounds, invest in a small combination-lock box which you can bolt to the wall in a hidden spot and store they key inside safely. Alternatively, you could give the key to a trustworthy neighbour to keep hold off until it is needed.

  • Hide your valuables and electronics

If you are currently leaving laptops, jewellery or other expensive items on show, you could be catching the attention of thieves, allowing them to become aware of that fact that you have valuable and high-costing items within your home. When not in use, tidy away these items so that they are out of sight. You can also use your blinds or curtains to limit the view of televisions or computers. Larger valuables, such as bikes and tools, should also be stored away in a locked shed or garage, and be sure to hide that key out of sight!

Budget-friendly options

  • Replace your locks

Every few years, it would be a good idea to replace your locks entirely. You could have left a key with a neighbour once and it turned out that it was never needed so wasn’t collected. The locks could also have become loosened or damaged due to the years of usage. By replacing the locks, all other keys would then become invalid in gaining entry into your home, and the locks would be stronger than before, reinforcing the safety of your doors.

  • Lay a gravel driveway

Thieves prefer to operate discreetly and in silence. As far as we are aware currently, there is not a single person who can walk along a gravelled pathway without creating a crunching sound as well as leaving a trace of footsteps behind them. Therefore, the simple addition of gravel to your driveway could be enough to steer them away.

  • Install outside sensor lighting

Linking back to the fact that thieves prefer to be discreet, the use of a sensor light outside your home would further destroy that plan for them. The light will remain off, so not to disturb any neighbours, but as soon as motion is picked up, the light will switch on, revealing their movements, identity and intentions to whoever they become visible to.

If you have any queries about the safety of your home, or would like to speak with a specialist about increasing your levels of protection with high-quality and professionally installed security measures, give our friendly team at DNA Security on 01424 718844.