CCTV Camera

Keeping your home safe is a need that will never fade. With technology ever improving, security measures are becoming more profound. However, many people purchase security cameras without knowing where best to place them. Today we will walk you through some pointers for the best ways to use your home security cameras.

Research and selection

The first thing to consider is selecting a camera that best suits your home and the needs you are looking to fulfill. Explore the features of the cameras available to you, such as high definition resolution, night vision, wireless control and remote controlled. There are a variety of camera types available to ensure that every home can find one best suited to them, such as:

  • Bullet cameras: These are designed to be pointed at one specific area and are most commonly used indoors.
  • Dome cameras: These have the ability to rotate 360 degrees within its fixed location.
  • Varifocal cameras: These cameras allow the option of zooming in and out to focus to provide more in-depth footage.

Common occurrences in your area

Taking the time to research any break-ins or burglaries in your area could prove to be an effective task. You may find that thieves commonly operate from alleyways or via the rear entrance to your property, so this would give you some useful insight for your camera placement. You can also use this time to assess the possible entry points for your home, such as windows above a porch or shelter and doors without sensor operated lighting.


There are three main focus points which your cameras placement should be able to pick up. These are:

  • Your front and/or back door. Statistically, these are the most common entry points used.
  • Your back windows. Thieves are likely to operate in areas where they feel out of sight by neighbours.
  • Side gates or alleyways. If thieves are heading to the back of a property, these cameras will either deter them, or give you a second chance to identify them, along with a back-door camera.

The amount of shed and garage burglaries are on the climb, with thieves setting out with the purpose of retrieving tools and garden furniture, so ensure that the back of your house is covered by at least one camera.

Wherever you decide to place your camera, take into account its surroundings. If you place the camera outside without being hidden under a shelter, although you allow it 360 degrees to operate, you will need to ensure that it is waterproof, especially here in the UK. Installing a camera that isn’t weather resistant could work out to be worthless in the long run as it won’t be able to function as it should do.

For additional advice into which camera type and placement would be best for your home you would like to fit security cameras within your home, give our friendly team DNA Security a call on 01424 718 844 where we will happily talk over the phone or arrange an appointment for you.