Fire Safety for your Commercial Property

Did you know these facts about fire in the commercial sector?

The most common cause of accidental fire is the misuse of equipment or faulty appliances.

Over half of fires on business premise occur outside working hours and are caused by arson.

Unless tackled within the first few minutes, it is very difficult for the Fire Brigade to bring serious fires under control.

 85% of small to medium businesses never recover or cease trading after a serious fire. 


What steps should you take to avoid your premises going up in flames?

There are very basic steps you can take to avoid the risk of fire and it is

Important to appreciate that as an employer, you have a responsibility for fire safety, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005.


This involves:

  • Carrying out a risk assessment
  • Establish which members of your workforce are most at risk
  • Negate any recognised risk, where possible
  • Take stringent measures to ensure the correct storage of flammables
  • Create an emergency plan
  • Review and keep fire plan current


Your risk assessment is an area, which can identify obvious areas of concern.  Some of them involve lazy practices, such as blocking fire exits, propping open a fire door, or storing boxes near a heat source.

These habits are invariably something you have always done and got away.

But one day, or night your complacency could lead to a catastrophic fire. Perhaps you always meant to rearrange your office, so there was a clear escape route in an emergency?

And when did you last carry out a proper fire drill, so that your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a fire.  It’s worth remembering that fires never happen at convenient times. Suppose you lost your electrical system?

What happens if the fire occurs on a dark, winter’s night?  Is your staff familiar with the building and their exit route?

Why not employ an expert to help you carry out your risk assessment?

DNA Security has the experience and expertise to advice on contingency plans for fire and safety, advising on best practice and fire prevention measures, such as sprinklers and fire alarms. Sprinklers will be activated immediately and can avoid a small fire very quickly becoming out of control.

Business premises comprise a lethal combination of combustible materials such as packaging, furniture and paper and ignition sources.

Recommendations can be made concerning the suitability of an alarm system for your premises. A conventional fire alarm works on a zonal system and triggers an alarm when smoke, heat or carbon monoxide has been detected in your building.

An addressable fire alarm system is more sophisticated and precise, informing you of the exact area of activation and the specific detector that has been activated.  This system saves the Fire Brigade crucial time and more importantly, can save lives.

Don’t take risks or be complacent about something as serious as fire.  It can destroy lives and your livelihood. Get Dave to help you put up the shelves and get the professionals to help with your fire safety.


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