When setting up your business or moving to a new location, one of the most important checks that should be carried out is the level of security within your office. Let us assist you with this vital step with the main actions you should take in order to keep your small business safe and secure.

Risk assessment

At the first possible moment, whether it be on the day you open the office or during the times you visit and view beforehand, take a note of any vulnerable locations and areas within each floor and each room of your office that could be targeted for a break-in or be a health and safety hazard. Think about placement of security measures such as CCTV cameras in remote and quiet areas, or fob-key access doors for the busier locations.

Protect your valuables

Whether you consider your office valuables to be your computers and printers, or your paperwork, ensure that you protect them with additional measures. Invest in a door with a lock that requires a fob or passcode entry to keep them secured in a separate location to the main floor of the office. Choose a room with no windows and minimal access points, only one if possible. You may even decide to place a CCTV camera within the room to keep an eye on your valuables, even when the room is unoccupied by staff.

Fire safety

When carrying out your risk assessment, you should take note of the locations within your office which may require fire protection and prevention measures, such as fire doors and fire alarms. With a range of alarms available on the market, from conventional to wireless, you can be sure that – should the worst happen and a fire does break out within your premises – your alarms will effectively alert you and your staff, allowing you enough time to safely and calmly exit the building.

Intruder alarms

A truth that we would rather not admit to is that theft levels are only rising. To protect yourself, your staff, your office and your valuables from this danger, it is well worth the investment into an intruder alarm. With a wide range available today, you can be alerted of a break-in whether you are in the building or not. There are also a range that can alert the services, allowing them to make their way to your premises without the need to dial 999.

With all of the above security measures, it is important to test regularly that they are operating as they should in order to keep you and your business safe and secure. You must also ensure that each member of staff is trained and aware of the movements to take should an emergency unfold.

If you are moving into a new office space or would like to update the security measures within your space, get in touch with our expert team at DNA Security where we will be happy to assist and advise you on the best options for you. Give us a call on 01424 718 844 to arrange a visit from us.